Apartment Costs


Officially a pro at building Ikea furniture.
This past Friday evening was a night of finishing what I received almost three weeks ago before leaving for the South of France.
Slowly but surely “Le Studio” is being cozy-fied. 

This post is long but I promise, full of photos, information about costs of moving abroad and my experience with the companies I placed orders with (at the end).















So there you have it… my humble little Paris studio apartment.

I won’t lie but moving to Paris can be expensive.
Here is what it’s cost me so far.

Deposit  — 1,758€ (one time and reimbursed at the end of your lease if there are no damages)
Agency Fees  — 879€ (one time)
Rent   —  1,050€/monthly (32 square meters – 8th arrondissement)
Insurance  —  23€/monthly
Electricity 51€/monthly (depends on usage- could be less or more)

Furnishing an apartment from scratch can be expensive so here’s a little breakdown of what it costs me for the big purchases and a bit of information about the 2 companies I ordered from. 
Both very good experiences and efficient.
(You can rent apartments in Paris that are furnished but for those wanting a longer stay, it can be astronomically damaging to your bank account if you are limited)

All in all rounded up with accessories (hangers, pillows, duvet set, bathroom towels, kitchen supplies, lamp, etc), it cost me approximately 2,300 Euros.
With today’s conversion that’s approximately $3,327 Canadian $$, 3,129 US $$ or $3,500 Australian $$.
This doesn’t include the TV, apple TV, rug, wall art, shelves that I haven’t purchased yet.

IKEA France

Ikea France delivers within Paris and will deliver into your apartment.
Visit their website, place your order, they will propose a date of Ikea calling you for you to choose your date of delivery.
Both times, they proposed a 2 week wait time until delivery but I got my merchandise less than 5 days after placing the orders.
They give you a precise dates and give you times you must be at your apartment.
Usually 3 hour blocks.
Both deliveries were in my studio within 30 minutes of the time given.

Always buy a multi-bit screwdriver before attempting any Ikea furniture.
I used the end as a hammer but a hammer would of been useful too. 🙂

1st order from Ikea- 800€ including taxes/delivery
Bed frame, mattress, bed end table, night table, wall hanger, turquoise cubes with two cube shelve inserts

2nd order from Ikea- 500€ including taxes/delivery
Kitchen hutch, bathroom furniture including carpet, accessory shelves and champagne/coffee/tea bar cubes,

Darty France

Darty France delivers within Paris and will deliver into your apartment as well.
I went online to purchase my refrigerator, placed my order, I chose the date and time, and I had my delivery very soon.
They set it up for you and give you a small explanation on usage. (not that its very hard)
My second order was made in store, placed my order with the sales person, paid and they gave me a delivery date and time I had to be at your apartment. A 4 hour block

1st order from Darty- 268€ including taxes/delivery

2nd order from Darty- 238€ including taxes/delivery
Microwave/oven and electrical plate

3rd order from Darty- 130€ including taxes (walked it home) 
Coffee maker!!!! Dolce Gusto
dolce gusto


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