Where to Stay in Paris…

”Im coming to Paris!!! Where should I stay?”

I get this question often! To which I’m more than happy to reply to so I figured I would write a post to where I would stay if I were to come to Paris as a ‘touriste’.

Think of Paris cut into 20 sections (called arrondissements…. or if you’re looking at postal codes within Paris they start from 75001 to 75020) and are laid out like a snails shell.

Paris is huge! However, to be honest, I find getting from one end to the other fairly easy using the metro and I’ve walked from l’Arc de Triomphe to Notre Dame a few times which covers 5.3Kms and a bit further to La Nation covers just over 8 kms. Or better yet, rent a bike through Velib! It really is a great way to see Paris.

Which ever Arrondissement you choose to stay in, everything is quite ‘walkable’, however, some areas are better than others.

How to book

Air BnB is a great place to look for places, www.edreams.com, TripAdvisor to name a few read.  Whatever tool you’re using to book, always read the reviews of any place you’re going to rent and communicate with the owner if you can.

I’ll list a few places that I’ve stayed in personally or have had friends stay in at the end of this post.

My top 4 ‘areas’

Nothing against the others, these are just personally my favourites since they’re so close to everything and are lovely to walk through.

Le Marais

  • Spreads across the 3rd and 4th arrondissement
  • Often referred as the ‘Old Paris’
  • Home of a great steak place – Robert and Louise
  • Includes my favourite area – The Jewish Quarter and Rue Des Rosiers, Korcarz and a all around a great vibe
  • Close to Place des Vosges, Musée Pompidou, Notre Dame Cathedral and perfectly close for taking walks along La Seine!
  • Air BnB perfectly describes this area – Air BnB – Le Marais 

The Latin Quarter 

Paris, Quartier Latin

Paris, Quartier Latin

Saint Germain des Prés

Paris, Quartier Saint Germain des Prés

Paris, Quartier Saint Germain des Prés

Opéra & Grand Boulevard Area 

Paris, Opéra & Grand Boulevards

Paris, Opéra & Grand Boulevards

  • Sharing the 2nd and the 9th arrondissement
  • Walking distance to the Opéra
  • Close to the big shopping areas – Le Printemps, Galeries Lafayette
  • JGO – Tapas Bar you need to check out if ever you’re in Paris
    Right by Metro Druot – interactive sneek peek below.

Hotels you can check out around these arrondissements :

So there you have it, just a few of my favourite places.

Whats your favourite area of Paris? Hotels you’ve stayed in? Want to write a small review?
Let me know and i’ll add it to my list!

Email me at adreamtoparis@gmail.com
I’d love to read about your stays here!