Paris No No’s..

Paris is a great city, everyone knows that.
It’s lovely, beautiful, magical and many others wonderful things…. but it is however a city with over 2.2 million people and bound to have its negative sides once in a while… including scams that target tourists. Being one of the most visited cities, it’s a perfect way for some people to try to make an easy buck.

I’ve seen most of these scams happen and don’t be scared to say no!
Firmly even.
You even have my FULL approval to use your RBF (resting b*tch face) if you want to.

Heres a list of things to watch out for :

Do not play this game or any games in the streets that aren’t your usual games. By all means, always join in a street hockey game if they’ll have you!  or la pétanque.

But this one is a scam. Period. Be smart and if you see people winning?
It’s because they are in on it and all know each other.
I’ve seen way too many people lose a ton of money.


Accepts any gold rings or pay for them.
I won’t even get into it…

Keep your purses closed and pockets empty!

Even if there’s velcro.
I saw a man get pick pocketed last weekend getting into a metro wearing cargo shorts with pockets on the sides closed by velcro. They will get in and the young man did. Then dropped the mini-wallet on the floor when he saw it was empty.
Also, if someone bumps into you on the street all of a sudden, check your pockets.

This isn’ really a scam but just be attentive.
Always check prices on menus… Don’t find yourself with a 160€ bill after 4 drinks thinking ‘it’s only Get’.
Especially on Les Champs Elysées.

Sign any papers…

People walk around with petitions and things, don’t sign or give your information away.

Please just use your head and be careful.
Do your research before traveling to a new place (that’s what google is for) and follow your gut.

Otherwise, Paris is frieken amazing!!!! 🙂

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