Citizenship update..

This is definitely a story that keeps on giving.

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I finally picked up a file that has been sitting in my studio for some time now and decided to call to ask how to get the ball moving on my citizenship, once again. I have my drivers licence, I have a residents card, I have an apartment, Im basically living the French life so I called and she gave me an appointment? What?

The appointment was here in Paris and apparently, it’s much quicker… the important word is apparently. This division takes care of those living in Ile de France (ie Paris and close surroundings) and the other division, that I would have dealt with if I were still in Canada, takes MUCH longer as it processes all files outside of France…. meaning this entire planet.
Sorry Steph!!! (my bro) whos file is waiting in that pile right now.

So my first appointment was held with a lady who told me exactly what I needed… all documents less than 3 months.
Surprise surprise… So for the fifth time, i’ve ordered my birth certificate (60$) and for the third, my parents wedding certificate (60$) and had to ask the town halls for my dads birth certificate, as well as my grandparents birth certificates and wedding certificate (all free!!). For the first time, I had to ask for my parents divorce certificate…
I don’t mind ordering these docs because let’s face it, I’m a pro now and basically have them on speed dial.
However, I couldn’t help mentionning to the lady that the ”last time I checked, I still came out of my mothers stomach (hello c-section baby) on the same day…. Pretty sure that hadn’t changed in the last 31 years.”
But such is the French administration.

Here’s the kicker… As our meeting is coming to a close (meeting was a whole 7 minutes in which i’m trying to get as much info as possible, she finished the meeting with, ”Once you’ve received your Canadian documents, you have to get your legal documents from the Canadian government legalized here at the Canadian embassy for a fee of 35€’s per document.”

Yes, legal documents need to get legalized by the Government now.

Anyhoo, I ordered everything that week and received them not too long afterwards, get the docs legalized at the Embassy and on May 15th I had an appointment to bring my documents in at 12h30!

I show up at 12h30 with my friend Kari in tow, who had just landed in Paris from Montreal that morning and proceed to give the lady my name….
Lady asks me how to spell my last name and a minute later looks at me and says, ”Madame, vous n’êtes pas sur la liste.”

She hands me a number and I’m going to have to wait like those who don’t have appointments.

So we wait… and wait… and wait…

for a whole two hours until they FINALLY call my number. We walk into the room and hand him all my docs and he is one grumpy man!!!  Meeting again was short and sweet, he typed my info into his computer and out comes a letter with a number….. I officially have a file open!!!

So Kari snaps a picture…. with full on sound… and we high tail it out of there in case the grumpy man decides to take the paper back.

Citizenship appointment...I officially have a file open.

On to discovering Paris!!!! 🙂

 To be continued… yes, this story isn’t finished yet… 

One thought on “Citizenship update..

  1. I was curious why your father didn’t register you with the consulate after you were born – you would have you citizenship without going through all these steps.

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