Au revoir June!

”There are moments, above all on June evenings, when the lakes that hold our moons are sucked into the earth, and nothing is left but wine and the touch of a hand.”
Charles Morgan

A few pleasant and unpleasant things about June in Paris…

The Unpleasant! 
– This… and no access to a beach.
– Men peeing on walls in the metro… seriously? so gross!
– Pollen.. thanks to allergies.
– Learning a new bank card pin. So…. many…. passwords! 
– Expensive plane tickets to go back to Canada. Will have to wait until Fall.
  • Canada seriously needs to get their ‘you know what’ together regarding flights… my flight from Montreal or Toronto to Winnipeg is almost as expensive as Paris to Montreal.
– Work being done in my courtyard on the stone walls… in July and August…. Hottest months of the year. What gives?
and whatever they’re using (im convinced)is doing long term lung damage! (I doubt it but thats what it feels like everytime I walk into my building.)

The Pleasant! 
+ Only being a 3 hour train ride to the South of France.
+ Seeing a friend from Canada who was visiting Paris with her parents… who are awesome! Was a fantastic evening catching up!
+ Finding 50€ air plane trip to Genoa ( ie: Cinque Terre).. Definitely debating something fierce to go back for a long weekend. (Take note Canada : thats how you do flights right!!)
+ Early sunny mornings.
+ Late sunny evenings… as in its still bright until 10:30 pm!
+ Figs!!!! and simple dinners. ♥

Figs.. Feta and beets. Artichoke hearts and jamon iberico from Spain

+ Hair I can actually put up in a teeny tiny pony tail.
2015-06-22 14.02.01 (2)

Happy last day of June!!!

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