Ciao Italia !!

”A prima vista”
At first sight…

If there’s one thing I officially love about the Italians? It’s their language… like music to your ears and the men?
Incredibly sexy……  Woah!  

Italy has been on my bucket list among other places (Maldives, Algarve in Portugal, Sicily, Indo and Croatia just to name a few) for a long time and I thought I loved Spain, but the Italian riviera is beyond gorgeous and a very close second!!
This trip made me realize just how much I want to discover other countries and make travelling a priority.
Life’s too short…

Here’s a continuation of our trip….

Day 8



Day 9

A few bits of information about our trip : 

➵ In Vernazza we stayed in the Affittacamere Rollando Hotel : Carattino, 5, 19018 Vernazza, Italy. The hotel was clean, smelled like the South of France and not too expensive. 240€ for two nights.

➵ We changed the hotel for Monterrosso and we stayed in the Albergo Suisse Hotel.
The hotel view was beyond crazy!!! We took the road up to the hotel by foot… Definitely a DON’T DO…. especially having hiked from Vernazza to Monterosso. Its basically 1km with a 20% incline.
We found out later, a Hotel shuttle van goes to and from Monterosso every hour.


➵ Getting to Cinque Terre is very easy and a train links the 5 towns.

➵ I’m not going to lie but the hiking is definitely hard but do-able. We saw kids doing it as well as older folks, its steep in some parts, narrow in others and you may feel like you’re about to fall over from exhaustion but I promise it is so rewarding!! The views are absolutely breathtaking and if you want to get a good workout in? Definitely a must!
And water is at the end, so you can jump in to cool off.

Gelato is always a good idea! 

Day 10

On our walk from Vernazza to Corniglia

Day 11

Day 12

Day 13


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