Past two months…

The past two months have been a whirlwind and I don’t even know where to start…

Some good and some bad that turned somewhat ok.

Went to Spain for work one week and decided to stay the weekend so I hopped on a train to Seville (my favorite city other than Paris so far) to visit my precious little frenchman, my Dad and spent a wonderful weekend visiting with him and also shop in a Costco…. I miss my Costco so much!!!

Was a lovely trip and came back home feeling refreshed.

March was a pretty quiet month, started dating someone and just recently called it off… On different pages and completely different outlook on life and the future which is ok. Hes a fantastic person, just not for me. Im fairly quiet about who I date because until I know its going somewhere concrete, I keep it for myself. Im very careful about who I date and who I let into my life and who the person I share with my family and friends should be in for the long haul.

April started off pretty rough with a family emergency in Canada so on April Fools (sorry, Im going to be very vague), I flew to Ottawa and spent numerous hours for the next 10 days in the ICU and then regular ward at a hospital, spending time with my brothers who came in from other cities as well and hoping things would get better which they did however the road to recovery will be long. 🙂 Just made me realize how important family is and never take things (especially life) for granted.

I flew back to Paris to find that spring had sprung and the sun was shining almost every day. Almost like mother nature knew I needed a bit of sunshine. Being away from family & friends is getting to be harder and harder…

Yesterday after an annual check up with a Canadian doctor (DR SALZMAN FOR THE WIN!!!), I took a walk home for a change of scenery, walked past Les Invalides to Le Grand Palais and realized just how special this city is…

20150421_172748 20150421_173559 20150421_173612 20150421_173912 20150421_174841

I walked through my door with a huge smile on my face. ♥

Tonight I plan on walking around some more since they’re annoucing rain all weekend.

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