Père Lachaise Cemetary – Paris, France

A bit of a Fall 2014 Recap 

My friend Betsy came to Paris back in the fall and I met her at a tiny café by the Notre Dame Cathedral where they have the BEST onion soup…

We then decided to experience Paris via bike… Those velib bikes that are parked everywhere in Paris. I definitely recommend riding a bike in Paris, so much quicker than walking but you still get to enjoy the sights which you can’t when taking the Metro. And Paris is great for bike paths on the main roads. Just be careful for crazy drivers and stay away from the huge roudabouts of Charles de Gaulle and La Concorde (which Kendra and I did and almost got run over a few times)

So we got on our bikes and headed to the Père Lachaise Cemetary where numerous historical people are buried. The weather was perfect for a creepy day browsing a cemetary, cold, dreary, leaves falling and generally a quiet Sunday.



My first roudabout by bike… La Bastille.

The cemetary is in the 20th arrondissement, is free and personally, I would suggest buying or printing the map before going.  A map is displayed at the entrance if you want to take photo and jot down the plots you want to see but it can get quite confusing when youre walking around.  We were there for about 3 hours and didn’t get to see everything.
Three main Metro stations are close to the cemetary if you wish to take the underground.

If you need Metro advice, check out this post.

Pere Lachaise


Cemetary Map

IMG_5070 IMG_5068 IMG_5076 IMG_5080 IMG_5083 IMG_5084 IMG_5085 IMG_5087 IMG_5088




Oscar Wilde





Jim Morrison


and my favourite french singer, Edith Piaf

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