Checking in…

Its been a while since I posted and I have NO clue where to start!!!

I think one of my February goals will be to post a little more as well as improve health since Im finding im exhausted all the time. Definitely shaking my first at the lack of sunlight!

Few things that stand out in the past little while:

  • Snow!!!! I saw snow flakes for the first time in a very long time! As in Winter 2012/2013. It made me so incredibly happy!
  • Booked my first trip to Italy…. Cinque Terre.
  • Then my friend Kari booked her trip to Paris end of May which means shes coming to Italy with me. Can’t wait to spend a little time with someone who I havent seen in over two years!
  • Tinder.... Enough said.
    Not even going to start of the horrors i’ve seen. Thinking of deleting because I just don’t have the time.
  • Traded in my iPhone for a Samsung Note 4. ♥ The photos that phone takes are incredible…
  • Been thinking of moving but just the hassle of the paperwork for my visa card makes me think twice. I love my apartment but the thought of me getting a bit bigger for cheaper makes me think twice. Or maybe its just ‘cold feet’, in the 6 years I was in Ottawa, I moved at least 7 times. This is the longest Ive stayed in an apartment in the past 8 years… Maybe long term commitments give me anxiety! LoL

So many events to write about so going to start slowly (yes, broken record) but I am.
Starting today.

Happy belated New Year!!!

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