Bon Anniversaire!

Happy 1 year anniversary to me!!

Paris and I have officially been in a one year relationship today!

Last night, after dinner and as Netflix was playing in the background, I read all my posts from the beginning and can’t believe how much I’ve grown and learned over the last year.
Even at 30 years old.

One year ago, I Booked a flight and left Canada for Paris France  on October 13th, 2013.
Was a surreal feeling back then and still sometimes get that feeling, even a year later.

Here’s the recap of a crazy year: 
(click on bold links for individual posts)
  • Applied for my first metro card
  • Had a hard time but finally found an apartment and furnished it  all by myself (damn Ikea furniture but drinking while putting together definitely helps)
  • Realized just how much I hate grocery shopping in french grocery stores (markets are my fave)
  • Started Crossfit (on hiatus right now until I have more time)
  • First doctors visit in France
  • Took me a while but I finally found a cell phone provider that makes sense
  • Saw this happen in the Metro and I still think about it
  • Dating french men? Complicated… Either they’re in it for one thing or become stage 5 clingers, telling you they love you after a week…Not giving up though!
  • Spent my 30th birthday in Madrid, Spain with work people from all around the world
  • Taking long walks here is wonderful , especially here, here, and here.
  • That sometimes living alone in a beautiful city isn’t all its cracked up to be.. especially when you’re 8,000 miles away from close friends and family.
  • This… this is exactly what living here is like 😉
  • The nightmare FUN times that is switching drivers licences
  • Travelled to Seville Spain and fell in love with it
  • Read two books that struck deeply and true stories – Unbroken and A House in the Sky (I’ve read a ton of books and these are in my top 5)
  • Let someone go – as in don’t want to talk or want to see for a very very long time, if ever – and that has been hard to deal with… even to this day.
  • Spent two weeks back home in Canada and had a blast hanging out with my family
  • Had my first pinner, then a second
  • Realized that homesickness only starts to kick in between months 9 and 12
  • Can officially type on a french keyboard as well as english
  • Had some visitors and truly appreciated every moment with them – Susan & Matt and Brenda.
  • Saw my first futbol match and can’t wait for many more to come (Saturdays match France/Portugal was iiiiincredible)
  • Very grateful for every moment and emotion I’ve had in the past year

What do I want to do for my second year you ask?

Travel. 🙂 And anything else that happens will just be a bonus.

Cheers to another year in Paris! 

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