Facets of Paris – Guest Post

I’ve been wanting to do this for some time now but because of time issues, as in ‘I don’t have time’, I have been putting it off.
Until now…Guest posts from those who have visited/traveled to Paris.
Quelle bonne idée right??!!!
To share someone elses thoughts, travel stories (good as well as bad), tips & photos of this lovely city that some happen to fall wholeheartedly in love with.
Myself included.
So I contacted my really good friend Kari to be the first as her and Paris have a deep, to the core of the soul, relationship. She jumped at the occasion and I’m so thrilled and happy to have read her story. There were definitely small tears with some laughter as I was reading it…
We spent less than a day in the city, in humid sticky weather, jet lagged and not only did her stories bring back great memories but made me realize that this city is like a good friend.

We have so few that you find a true connection with, if you find one, keep them close to your heart… and appreciate them.  ♥


So I present you Kari, from Ottawa Canada, a good friend who I love and looking forward to her future visit.
Thank you for being the first to post on Facets of Paris.

Paris… Oh Paris!!!

Written by Kari B. – October 10th, 2014

My first and only trip there was a few years ago already but I remember it like it was just yesterday, Annie and I were leaving the airport jet lagged and attempting the Paris Metro system to get to our hotel.  We didn’t even have 24 hours there so we were not about to waste any time; off we went!

Before my time in Paris, I had heard so many different opinions on the people, the environment and the smell of Paris.  Unfortunately many of the words used to describe Paris were not very positive, but I didn’t let that affect my excitement or view of the city when I got there.  I will never forget the absolutely lovely elderly man that could clearly see Annie and I were struggling to find our next train at one of the main stations in Paris, who approached us (we were visibly stressed and confused) and directed us to where we needed to go.  All I could think was ‘ha!  To all of you who said the people in Paris are not nice!’  What a life and time saver he was.

IMG_1372 IMG_1427

After our first ever Paris train journey and short(ish) walk to the hotel we check in, place our bags on the bag table and while Annie did her bed bug check (this is what she does and I appreciate this!)  I started washing up and preparing for a day I will never forget.


I am quite sure we walked for about eight hours that day.  Arc de Triomphe was the first stop…goodness I don’t even know the street names, Annie would know that better than I do but we walked all the way around looking at the stunning architecture, unique vehicles (and some REALLY nice looking cars!) and people watched until the Eiffel Tower was visible.  (We even saw a cardboard Mountie at a travel center on the journey that I HAD to take a picture of for my dad!)

IMG_1382 IMG_1422

Before walking over to the Eiffel Tower we decided it was time to sit on a terrace to eat and of course indulge in some rose.  Well, we definitely indulged!  We each ordered some chicken and fries with our own pitcher of rose.  We still to this day both agree that those were never ending pitchers of rose.  I almost feel like our very attractive-French-man server was sneaking more rose in them when were gazing at the Eiffel Tower.  C’est La Vie…Carpe Diem…we had to finish it to the last drop – duh.  Now this restaurant had the smallest hallway to the washrooms, I was actually concerned I wouldn’t fit in the washroom, which was needed after the never-ending consumption of rose.  We had a tower to go see so we made the washroom work and off we walked.

kari- annie

To be honest, since there’s so many photos and movies where you see the Eiffel Tower I didn’t think it would be overly breathtaking to see in person.  However, as we walked up the first little set of stairs, passed the young boys who tried to pick up Annie (I completely forget what he said to her but she giggled), passed the slightly creepy looking man in white on stilts, there it was.


Wow.  For the first few minutes we stood there in silence with our eyes set on this famous tower.  It’s a feeling that is difficult to describe, and is actually bringing tears to my eyes as I write this.

Truly, TRULY breathtaking.

IMG_1388 IMG_1420

After staring in silence for what felt like hours, we began to enjoy the festivities going on all around us.  There were three guys putting on this amazing dance show right in front of the Eiffel Tower!  All I could think about is how lucky these guys are.  They get to perform in front of the EIFFEL TOWER!  and they were really good!!

We walked down through the grass/park right in front of the Eiffel Tower and as we were walking Annie confessed to me she had never been on a carousel before…as in she seriously had never been on a carousel before.  (I know, I was shocked too) For anyone who’s ever been to Paris, you have been to the Eiffel Tower and well you know there’s a carousel RIGHT in front of this marvelous thing.  So what could be better than having your first carousel ride in Paris AND directly by the Eiffel Tower <3.   We were the only two on there, and we had such a blast.  Big BIG smiles and laughs – we definitely did not want it to end.



At this point, the sun was setting and the rose was beginning to wear off, which meant the jet lag was kicking in so we decided it was time to stroll on back to the hotel and settle in for the night.  We had an early train ride to Nîmes to catch J.  We walked back up the stairs, sat down for a few more minutes of gazing, got up and back to the hotel we went where we fell into a deep jet lagged sleep. Waking up the next morning, realizing that we forgot our breakfast (the 2 nectarines that cost us 8€) in the hotels 1st floor washroom the day before.

This may sound super cheesy but I was so happy I got to share Annie’s first experience on a carousel, in Paris.  Especially because the two opportunities I had to visit France were because of Annie and her family.  I don’t think I will ever be able to explain how thankful and appreciative I was and still am to Annie and her family.

Would you like to share your travel stories to Paris? I’d LOVE to hear and publish your story.
Please email me at adreamtoparis@gmail.com for details. 

xo Annie

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