The Drivers Licence Saga Continues…

So I applied to have my Drivers Licence switched for a french one June 20th and then headed to Canada for two weeks which brought me back to France July 13th.

I kept checking online to see the status of my licence and nothing was moving so last week on Wednesday, I called.


Me: I’d like to know the status of my request. (gave info, etc, the usual)

Her: Seems like the request has been on hold and you have to present yourself at the prefecture.

Me calmly asking: Why?
Me (inside): OMG! F_)&*(^”£$^$(*”)!!!!!!

Her: That’s all the information I have.

Me: (in my head) Go figure! No letter was send, email, phone call. Nothing!
Thank god I picked up the phone!

Wondering what the heck could be missing, I got all my stuff ready and headed to the prefecture nice and early Friday morning. Lined up, I was second!, at 7:30 and waited until 8:30 as the line grew longer and longer behind us. At least 50-60 people.

When dealing with anything ‘government’ in France, ALWAYS get there sooner!!! 

So we went through security, presented myself on the second floor and was told to fill out a form (I had already filled out), needed two photos (which thankfully, I had) and take a photocopy of my resident card (which was already in my file)… so I headed to the third floor to make copies in black and white and then headed to the 4th floor and took a number.

I waited ten minutes, was called and explained my story, she did NOT ask for any of the informaiton I had panically put together in a span of 5 minutes right before.

She went to the back to return 10 minutes later to tell me, ‘your file will be sent to be processed.

I replied, ‘What? What happened?’ She explained that the file wasn’t processed properly and that I could come back in 15-20 days to pick up my licence.

My file had been sitting somewhere for the past 6 weeks collecting dust.

I replied, ‘So I can return in 15 days and physically have a licence in my hand?’

She looked at me funny and said yes.

I’m still skeptical and won’t believe it until it actually happens.

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