My first Parisian Pinner.


My new term for Picnic Dinner and I had my first pinner in Paris by the Eiffel tower a few weeks ago with my sister in laws sister Susan and her boyfriend Matt who have been backpacking around Europe for almost a month now. First time meeting them and so happy I can now call them friends as well as extended family.

I’ve been here since October but haven’t done much in Paris yet but as I found out, I actually like experiencing things for the first time with people who are as well.

Cue the ‘Pinner’!!

I told them not to bring anything and I went around the 8th and bought a few things… typical french things, macarons, cheese, saucissons sec, baguette, salads and of course, plastic glasses, forks, a couple knives and a good bottle of champagne. ♥
I can never get enough of champagne!!!

The bag. was. heavy.
But I hightailed it to the 7th arrondissement in 40 degree weather, I was late!
I’m never late!

I found them, apologized profusely and we walked over to see the lady made of steel. I can honestly say that I never tire of seeing her.
We laid out a sheet and started our Pinner, talking about their travels and Paris life and what they had on their Parisian agenda.


Eiffel Tower, Paris, France


Our pinner goods. Belgian chocolates they brought from Bruges that Matt’s trying to save since it was SO hot out and some melted.

IMG_2693 IMG_2702 IMG_2703 IMG_2708


Observations of the Parisian pinner: 

  • Good place to picnic: Jardins Champs de Mars

    champs de mars

    Jardins Champs de Mars

  • Men try to sell you wine, champagne, beers, etc. We didn’t buy any because I somewhat know my wines and I wouldn’t buy them personally.
    Especially at 10€-15€ each. Walk to a local grocery store and buy a good wine for 5€ and chill it before going on a picnic or bring/buy ice cubes.
  • Bring more than one bottle… Just in case!
  • Napkins are essential.
  • Bathrooms are available nearby
  • Twinkling of the tower is every hour at 8pm, 9pm, etc
  • Watch your belongings
  • Take tons of photos
  • Have fun! 🙂


By the time we were done we had polished off the bottle of bubbly, we sautered off to a bistro to have a bit of rosé, wait for the strike of 10PM for the twinkling of the Eiffel Tower which i’ve never seen up close.


Eiffel Tower, Paris, France



Eiffel Tower, Paris, France


Eiffel Tower, Paris, France


Eiffel Tower, Paris, France


We then walked under and over to Trocadero where there’s another amazing view.


Eiffel Tower, Paris, France


Once we headed to the top we found couples dancing to music and some teaching others the steps.


Eiffel Tower, Paris, France – We actually got to see the twinkling a second time at 11PM from another angle.

Easy to say, it’s been one of my FAVOURITE weekends since being in Paris! 🙂

Have a great week!!
♥ ♥ ♥

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