A small dinner party – À la Française!

Back in Canada on December 22, 2012, I had a dinner party for 4 of my closest friends Kari, Erika, Kendra and Ashley.
I was SO excited!!! and so happy I could go something for ‘my girls’.


Une soirée à Paris!


I had planned for WEEKS!
The menu, decorations, gifts, dresses and lipstick were a must, wine pairing, lighting, desert, everything!
Even the old Parisian french music!

It’s still one of my favourite nights, EVER!

Here’s the story of a memory I will cherish for the rest of my life. ♥

I was off on the day of the party and it being good ol’ Canada, the skies decided to dump about half a meter of snow! Just my luck!!!
I had deserts to pick up that day at the office as my friend Manuela had made cake pops, macarons and cupcakes so I hopped on the bus that took an hour (instead of the usual 20 minutes),  walked into the office completely soaked because obviously, it HAD to be that wet heavy snow fall.

Needless to say, I picked up the box, turned back and trudged home, I had TONS of things to get ready.

Everyone was coming ’round 5:30PM ish so I first set up the table, decorations and lighting.
Charles Aznavour, Edith Piaf were playing in the background.


I had these lovely LED lights all over the apartment as well as candles… and the fire was good to go…. on the fireplace channel!


A charlie brown Christmas tree was set up in the corner and underneath it, tiny little gifts.
The ladies each brought a 20$ gift for gift exchange.


Table setting and apéro glasses!

The ladies all showed up looking perfect and we had a bottle of rosé (or was it champagne? I dont recall) but we chit chatted, had a few good laughs and took pictures.
I was so happy they were there, time was flying! So when 6:30 – 7:00 rolled around,  it was then time to sit at the table and really start the evening.

Each place had their own menu detailing what they were going to be having, we popped open another bottle of wine and  I got the first course ready.



A yummy ginger carrot soup my dad actually made from scratch for me and freshly delivered to me that afternoon.
He even delivered the chopped onions in a little jar.



A salad then followed with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, artichoke heart, chickpeas and my families homemade vinaigrette.



Baguette, salmon toasts accompanied by shrimp was next and we kept the bottles on ice.
Ready to be opened at any time.




Before the main dish came, I had a game planned with the girls.
I had 5 eggs in a basket and basically everyone each had their turn to quickly pick an egg up and crack the egg on their foreheads, the girl with the raw egg, gets the gift.
Crazy right???
What they didn’t know was that all the eggs were boiled so really?
The last person always got the gift but it was absolutely HILARIOUS watching them freak out because they didn’t know which one wasn’t boiled.
Great game to play if you’re having a few people over. 🙂

IMG_1951 IMG_1952



Kari was the last one and won a little purse. ♥


I unfortunately can’t find the main meal picture but it was one of my favourite meals of fresh atlantic salmon in a homemade tomato sauce with side of vegetables and rice.
We followed that with cheese, goat cheese stuffed amuse-gueules and baguette, à la française.

Not going to lie but by the cheese plate, we were all pretty pickled except for Ashley who was driving.

I barely remember desert but I remember cupcakes and attempting to drink red wine like we were connoisseurs but by the looks of the bottle the next day, we BARELY made a dent in it.

We counted 7 bottles of wine as we were cleaning up, lots of left over food and our tummies were still full 10 hours later!
Evidence of a great evening.

I enjoyed and loved every single minute of it and would do it all over again… a million times!!!
The preparations, the execution, even the 7,000 dishes the next day!

But the important thing and what made it a success were these ladies.


Thank you for a lovely memory and I really, from the bottom of my heart, love you and miss you all SO MUCH!!!


One thought on “A small dinner party – À la Française!

  1. Wow wow wow!!! Love this Annie:) soooo fun!! May have to go to Paris and hopefully get invited to one of these;)

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