Les Estivales – Parc Monceau

Moving here at first was insanely amazing, new and shiny.
In the sense that you were constantly overwhelmed with everything being surreal, actually seeing some of the most written about monuments on a daily basis, walking among the ‘Parisiens’ and visiting the little boutiques that are so well known around the world.

You’re constantly thinking ”some people save money their whole lives just to be able to spend one week in Paris!!!”

And then… half a year goes by and you’re actually struggling to get that feeling of amazement again, those butterflies in your stomach.
It’s frustrating because I told myself I would never lose that feeling but life catches up to you no matter where you are.
Missing family and friends, paying bills, procrastinating on getting my french drivers licence, long work days, laundry, making dinner, grocery shopping, etc.


So I’ve decided I’m going to get that feeling back!

After the most horrible nights sleep Sunday evening, I went outside in the hot sun to take a long walk around my neighbourhood to put my thoughts back into place. (yes, OU in neighbourhood, im Canadian ☺)
I’ve been thinking WAY too much about the past and it’s been taking its toll on me without me realizing it until very recently.

I walked with no agenda or destination in mind, ears free of music and just taking it all in.
Mostly thinking…  for a very, very long time.


On my way back home, I was surprised to see there was a market,  Les Estivales, (market from june 6th to the 16th) with all sorts of things to sell, cheese, saucissons, jewelry, pretty scarves, clothing, soaps and much more.

 I’d say there was between 20 and 30 tents and let’s face it, who doesn’t love a market?

Was happy to spend some €€’s on a few things and definitely spent way (WAY!) too much on dried fruit.




I bought a few things and made my way home.
Once I walked through my door, I felt better (never under estimate a good long walk) and as I was falling asleep last night, I thought to myself…


This is only the beginning.

♥ Bonne Journée à tous!  ♥ 


the past




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