It’s the little things…

Lady behind this beautiful blog mentioned something to me about ‘missing the little things’ when talking about Europe/Uk and it hit home and started to make me think.

I can’t imagine what it would be like living in India and the changes that would come with it… Moving as it is, is tough enough!
I found my transition from Canada to France quite seamless but I knew the country and I can speak the language which helps tremendously!
but here’s a little post about things I miss of Canada and things I would miss if I were to go back.

(other than the obvious of family and friends☺)

Thank you for reminding me of the little things that I’ve forgotten about…

 Things I miss…

  • Buying in bulk!!!!!  (ie: Costco)
  • Good steaks
  • Sun bathing on the deck
  • Smell of fresh cut grass
  • Bigger apartments for cheaper prices
  • Water that doesn’t stain shower doors, cutlery, glasses white with calcium
  • Easiness of certain things (filing paperwork, cell-phones, etc)
  • Sun bathing on the deck
  • Fall colours


 Things I would miss…

  • Macarons
  • The convenience of the Metro
  • Cheap flights
  • Long train rides
  • Rainy evenings
  • The hazy lights of the Eiffel tower and l’Arc de Triomphe
  • Fresh fruit and vegetable markets
  • Pink spring flowers
  • The different accents

I admit that I’m sometimes guilty of forgetting the little things that matter and precious feelings they can give.
Here’s to making more of an effort to change that.

What are your favourite little things?

Happy Friday!





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