1. 2. 3. GO! → New Blogs I love

I love discovering new blogs and I’ve recently discovered three that I can’t seem to ‘put down’.

English Wife Indian Life 
– Met a man, moved to India and married him… Brave, wonderful stories and love?
What’s not to love about love.
Not ashamed that I’ve read from the beginning to the end in a single afternoon.

Sex and the City of Light  (I think I may have already mentioned her blog before) 
– HILARIOUS, very well written and yes, those are her drawings. And this story?
Had me laughing out loud on a metro… We’ve all been there at some point. 😉
She’s moving to Thailand soon and I can’t help but hope she’ll continue her stories there…

Lee Abbamonte – travel expert
– He’s traveled the world (i’m sure there’s a post about every single one) and I just read parts of his Africa stories and just… WOW! 
Can’t wait to find a rainy afternoon to keep reading.
Bonus? SUPER cute!

Want to see my other favourites?
Click here → Blogs I ♥  page has been overhauled. 



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