Rainy Days in Paris

It rained yesterday… almost all day, all evening and all night.

Instead of it being a downer (like rain usually is) I was surprisingly happy about it!


I walked home and after a super long and for some reason tiring day at work, caught myself smiling walking home.
Seeing everyone’s colorful umbrellas, some sadly really flimsy, some name branded-WOW!, monochromed, striped, different shapes and sizes.

There’s an umbrella for everyone!
and I now have to say there’s something about men in suits carrying an umbrella….

I, thankfully, bought one before leaving Canada at The Bay from their Hudson Bay Collection and I’m in love with it!

Its sturdy (so important when it’s windy!) and other than it being a bit large, it’s saved me from many Paris rainy days.

The only thing is, is that its hard to maneuver umbrellas walking on sidewalks.
I’m usually the one bending mine to the side or putting it higher while they keep theirs straight and low….
I don’t want to poke someones eye out or poke holes through my umbrella…
but most don’t seem to worry about those things.

So please tell me, what’s proper umbrella etiquette on a busy sidewalk???

1, 2, 3… GO!

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