Things you see in the Metro…

Went to drop off my tax papers to an accountant yesterday.

Yes, i’m THAT girl!
Waiting last minute but to be honest, I thought I had until the end of the month— NOT!!! Due today!
Being away in Spain for a whole week, phone calls not being returned and a cancelled flight didn’t help this lady out BUT I dropped them off, now it’s a matter of time.
There was NO way I could get these done myself since I have Canada’s information as well and let’s face it, confusion corner over here when it comes to this stuff.
Next year, I will attempt. 🙂

Anyways, on my way back in the Metro, I got stopped by a very flamboyant, nice and FUNNY man who was selling books at a discounted price.

I couldn’t say no because he was so funny, loved that I was Canadian…
However, only had a measly 5€ on me and I felt like it wasn’t enough.
(5€ and small change)

He said ”Pas de soucie! (no problem) but just because you have nice eyes!”
Kissed me on both cheeks and we went on our merry way.


Welcome back to Paris Annie!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

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