Still alive…

and I fell in love… 🙂

Thing weighed a ton and could barely stand up on its own without a little bit of help.
Really wanted to bring one back but it would take half my apartment in terms of space and pretty sure no one would appreciate how much room it would take in the metro.

But I guaranty, it was love at first sight. ♥


Past month has been all sorts of crazy and hopefully, it will slow down a little now.
After a week of 6AM to 11 PM days, I got home Friday evening, I slept all day Saturday and couldn’t of asked for a better day of doing nothing! Needed the rest and the naps were aaaamazing.

This week is getting back to the grind of Crossfit, eating properly and good quality sleep but adding a few places to visit (Versailles?) and family time in the South of France.

And of course, more posts!!! 

I received a parcel yesterday and my mum sent me some Kraft peanut butter as well as a pillow cover.  So thoughtful!
and last night, I received a card from Lisa and my brother when I got home … ♥ with notes from the kids.
So happy!!!! Thank you!!!!

These ↓ are the BEST sizes for snacks with bananas or smoothies…
Portion control! Instead of eating it by the spoonful from a jar…. and then you look down and realize you just ate half the jar.



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