Paris Metro 101

Heres a few helpful tips when taking the metro in Paris including maps, how to get to the airport and Metro etiquette.

Escalator Etiquette

  • If you’re not climbing? Stand to the right of the escalator (going down or up)

photo 2 (5)

Ticket Pass Throughs

  • Once you scan your card or ticket, keep walking, crowding in front of the security/ticket pass machines will just annoy those coming through behind you.
  • Some ticket pass throughs are only for Card holders and some for tickets.
    • If there’s a photo of a ticket, you can go through that one.
  • Keep it moving folks or kindly park to the side.   ☺
photo 1 (5)

Red means no go, green means go!

Metro 101

  • Always let the people off first before crowding and going into the train.
  • Let any people with disabilities or older people sit down.Its common courtesy.
  •  This!  
  • Never tell yourself ‘OMG!!! I CAN MAKE IT IN’ as the doors are closing…These doors mean business.
    My heart always skips a beat when someone gets stuck and is struggling to get themselves free from the doors.
  • Always keep your kids in front of you and have a plan if someone misses getting on or what not
    Pick up your small kids if you can and bring them in.
    I once saw a small child get stuck between two doors and 5 men had to pry the doors open. SCARY!!!

How to get from A to B

If you’re visiting Paris, an amazing App to download or website to visit is: RATP
You can plan your routes with bus, tram, RER (faster with fewer stops), Metro (slower with more stops) and includes walk time.

     photo 2photo 1

  • Gives you updates of train statuses as well.
  • Pass information for TICKETS – you can buy a ticket, 10 tickets, 20 tickets, 1 day, 3 day, 5 day passes…
  • Can be bought with credit card, carte bleu or cash at the machines or window.

photo 1 (4)


  • Look at maps, follow the signs and check the dots. ☺
  • Maps can be asked at any Metro kiosk and very useful to get around

photo 5 (3)

  • All Metros will let you know which line runs at what station.
    For example: at this Metro station above, RER A, Metro 1, 2 and 6

photo 3 (4)

  • Once you know which one you’re taking, follow the number and eventually you usually have to go left or right, up or down to your destination.

photo 2 (4)

  • Always check the board/dots to know where you’re going.

Best way to Orly Airport

RER B to Antony Station and then take ORLYVAL (additional fee) to Orly Airport: Stop 1 is Terminal West, Stop 2 is Terminal South

Best way to Charles de Gaulle Airport 

RER B to Charles De Gaulle 1 (terminal 1 or 3) or Charles de Gaulle 2 (terminal 2)

Final Words 

Taking the Metro has its downfalls (cancelled trains, stinky people, packed cars) but all in all, in my opinion, its the best way to get around Paris quickly, efficiently and not to mention, cheaper.  🙂

6 thoughts on “Paris Metro 101

  1. This is such a great, useful post! I’ve only been to Paris once with my friend. Fortunately she had been before and was fluent in French so for the first day or two she kept me right! I felt like I had should have had a sign round my neck with “newbie” on it. By the end of our holiday I was far more Paris-savvy though! 😉 x

  2. If I was still working with foreign students I would totally send them to this post! Great stuff. And my heart always skips a beat too when I see people dive for the closing doors.

  3. Hi thanks for reading my blog 🙂 just had a read of this and it would have been very useful to me! I actually accidentally bought a 5 day bus pass at first and tried to use it on the metro. By the third day it was a lot easier though! Hope you’re enjoying it there and meeting nice non-sleazy men.

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