Marché Biologique Raspail * Raspail Organic Market

Have had plans to go to the Marché Biologique Raspail since Friday and even though I woke up this morning riddled with allergies (hello spring?), I quickly got dressed, put my face on, texted my friend Fabiana and we were to meet in 30 minutes.

I`ve shopped the Marché Biologique Les Batignolles in the 17th arrondissement and wanted to compare so I headed dooooown unda to the metro, hopped in and got out at the Rennes station (M12)  as the exit is right at the entrance of the market.

Marché Bio Raspail

The address of Raspail market is at the Entrance of les rues du Cherche Midi et de Rennes, in the 6th arrondissement and open from 9AM to 3PM on Sundays during regular hours.
Not sure if the hours change during the summer or what not but here’s a good site to check: Marché Biologique Raspail   if you need more information.


As I walked out, I was instantly greeted by the smell of fresh fish from the fish stand and I also noticed right away that this market was a bit bigger than the one in the 17th.
I walked the whole length once to see what it all had to offer and on the way back, I would make my purchases.
Goal today was meat, nuts and vegetables and there was more than enough to fulfill what I was looking for.

Marché Bio Raspail

Love the hand written signs.

Marché Bio Raspail

I absolutely love walking these markets, smelling the fresh lavender of home made soaps, bouquets of perfect roses of different colours, the vibrant reds, oranges, yellows and greens of all the fruits and vegetable, the smell of rotisserie chickens and most of all, I love the people behind the counters always smiling and giving out a ‘Bon Dimanche!’ or ‘Bonne Semaine!’ accompanied by a heartfelt thank you while handing you the brown paper bags full of goodies.

Marché Bio Raspail

Expensive but such good quality!

Marché Bio Raspail

The Nut, dried fruit and chocolate stand. I always make my trail mix here.

Marché Bio Raspail

Marché Bio Raspail

I spent about an hour and a half and would recommend the market to anyone who wants fresh organic products of good quality. You pay a bit more but you’re not eating things pumped full of pesticides and what not which in the end, is better for you. I personally think it’s worth it for certain products (example: leafy greens).

I’m already looking forward to going next Sunday!

Todays bag included a hunk of steak (set me back 22 euros!!), artichokes, carrots, asparagus, avocado, cucumbers, bag of trail mix, sweet potatoes, kale and organic eggs.
I’ve already had some asparagus dipped in a bit of olive oil, red wine vinegar and they were! 

Marché Bio Raspail




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