It arrived!


The shirt came in the mail Friday morning and I put it on as soon as I got home to relax after a long day and two hours at the Crossfit box.
Spent the first hour warming up, going through the movements and doing 14.4 (4th Crossfit Open workout).
Workout was: As many reps as possible in 14 minutes of 60 calorie row, 50 toes to bar (modified to knees to chest, work on kipping and where I managed to rip another part of my hand), 40 wall balls with 10 lb ball, 30 cleans (53 lbs for me), 20 muscle ups (would of been modified to strict pull ups if I got there) but I managed to get up to 16 cleans.
I then stayed for the next class of weightlifting for another hour.

After all that,
I. was. spent!  so I got home, immediately made dinner, ate, changed and crawled into bed.

I was then woken up Saturday morning by my brother and a good friend of ours via Facetime.
I was so happy to talk to them, joke around, laugh as they were having tequila shots and me drinking my coffee.
So fun starting your day with laughter!

Other than that, this weekend was pretty quiet but it was nice to go about the usual things, laundry, grocery shopping and Crossfit at a leisurely pace, Facetime and phone conversations with family was needed. They showed me how much snow was left in Canada. CRAZY how much snow and cold they’ve had so far and it’s still not over! Wishing them a quick spring! 🙂


I moseyed on to a ‘Papeterie’ Tout Noté in the 5th arrondissement Saturday around noon.
The store’s very easy to find, has a wide selection of pens, not as much paper as I’d hope but it had what I was looking for, envelopes of assorted colours, cute cards, postcards, little gifts, notebooks, bags, etc.

I bought a thicker paper to write on, make cards, sketch and start using this tiny talent more often.
I say tiny because i’m still not anywhere near where I’d like to be and nowhere near where my Dad is as an artist but hopefully one day I can be as good as he is.


Sketched this all out in about 3 hours.
Given as gift to my brother and his fiancé.


30 minute sketch using charcoal pencils.


Quick 10 minute sketch on iPad.


My Dads work.
One day! 🙂

Alors, mes amis, that’s all for now and even though, my weekend may seem boring to some, it was perfectly quiet and exactly what I needed.

My Monday started off me not wanting to wake up….

but it’s no big deal, we’re only 5 days away from another weekend!  ☺

Happy Monday!

9 thoughts on “It arrived!

      • Hell Yeah!
        Do you know now the best places in Paris?
        I was there few weeks ago (there is on my blog), and today my sister arrived to Paris. I payed her trip to Paris (graduation from law university)

      • ahhh so many places! Montmartre in the 18th is cool, I fell in LOVE with Le Marais in the 6th, Pont des Arts (where all the locks are) by St-Germain des Près is beautiful, Les Tuileries are almost all in bloom right now so can take some good pictures… ummm… and then of course, theres the usual places 🙂 What did you visit?

      • D´Orsay museum (I think it´s spelled like this — no time to Google it! Full of America tourists who take photos to “prove” to others on Facebook that they were there) the church on Montmartre (Always forget the name); Museum Picasso was closed so I din´t go there… Eiffel tower (I prefer post cards, please. And that´s how you make a mark in this world!!!), Notre Damme… and cafes!

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