Who is this person? Then & Now.

side by side
I saw this photo yesterday (on left) while looking for a photo of myself and Denise and came across this one.
I was in SHOCK!!!
Not only has my face lost 100lbs!!!! haha.  I can honestly say that I don’t recognize the person in the photo.
Not only physically but also mentally.

Looking at this photo, brought me back to a time that I’d like to forget.
It’s not who I am today but I know those moments have made me into the person I am today.
I can’t help but look at this person in the photo and want to scream ”DON’T WORRY!! You’ll be more than ok!!!’




  • 22 years old
  • Absolutely zero, zilch self esteem, in a second long term relationship
  • Even though it never showed, she was broken inside
    Was ”in love” with someone (she would come to find out much later) who had already cheated on her and would cheat on her for months to come
    She knew deep down inside that this person wasn’t good for her but stayed anyways. As many ladies do.
    Classic love is blind situation
  • Thank god for her friends & family –Story time!! Not sure why this moment stands out but it does.
    , you were my first sister in law from the young age of 10 years old?
    I can’t thank you enough for being another woman to look up to as I was growing up.
    You helped me more than you will ever know! One distinct situation stands out to me.
    When I walked into your house, you knew right away something was wrong, we were in your room as you were making your bed, I broke down and thought ‘another ex’ had cheated on me. Sure enough, I found out later it to be true as well!
    I’ll always remember the hug you gave me on that day, what you told me and how much it had helped me through the situation knowing you were there, even if it was just to listen. THANK YOU!!! ♥ ♥ ♥  For all the moments we’ve shared.
    My brothers were a godsend back then too.
    Even if they didn’t realize it then or even now. Just to be in their presence made me happier.
  • Her parents were more than supportive and loving but she didn’t appreciate it as much she should have
  • This life, of this young woman, is an infinite number of good miles away from the woman’s life now


  • Fast forward 8 years
  • Living a longtime dream of living in Paris
  • Single and been single for the past 5 years, she’s dated some people, from a few weeks to a few months but in the end, hasn’t found ‘that man’.
    Yet…. And she’s A-Ok with that.
  • Independent (maybe too much) 🙂
  • Strong – physically lost over 40lbs – mentally gained 40lbs
  • The people in her life are meant to be there, above all, she wants to make them proud of who she’s become
    She appreciates every moment and the love for them has no boundaries
    (still needs to make more facetime dates though ☺)
  • She doesn’t waste time on people who will hurt themselves or the people around them
  • This woman is where she is supposed to be at this very moment in time
  • Last but not least: she’s happy ♥


Not sure why I wrote all of this.
I guess its just made me realize comparing these two photos that though sometimes relationships are hard, with others but most of all with ourselves, these moments define who we will become depending what road we choose.
Sometimes we have to sacrifice someone else’s happiness to make ourselves happy.
We, after all, only have one life to live.

Every single day, a few roads are laid out for us to follow and depending which one we choose, that road will define who we will become and how we will live our lives.

We sometimes choose the wrong one, but the following minute, hour, day, week, month or year, we’ll choose the right one for us.

No regrets!



No matter what road we’ve chosen.

Which one will you chose today? ☺

2 thoughts on “Who is this person? Then & Now.

  1. It’s amazing how time can change so many things. My physical appearance changed when I moved over here too, but most of all, Paris gave me a spine. It took me from being a girl to a woman…I came into my own here. I recognize myself in a lot of what you said–it’s definitely all about the journey and not necessarily the destination so to speak….and even though it took a long time for me to gather the strength I have today to become the woman I am, it was worth every single moment. I think you feel similarly. Thanks for sharing! You deserve your happiness and more and I hope you’ve found it or are finding it! 🙂

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