Crossfit, Health & Me.

Not going to lie but I’ve been having a hard time at Crossfit the past two weeks.
Last week was HORRIBLE (see examples below) but this week seems to be a tad better. 🙂

There’s a few things I need to work on, make adjustments and I know things will fall into place.

Issues, for example:

  • Running fast!
    WODs with 400m+ runs kills my cardio which then makes my next workout suffer, its a vicious cycle and its so frustrating.
  • Making sure my elbows are up during squat cleans
  • Squats in general (hip flexors and calf muscles are tight… thank you 8-9 hour desk job)

Need to try to make the adjustments:

  • Stretching and foam/ball rolling more often
  • Sprints
  • Work on technique

Fairly easy!

I also gave in and bought supplements at my Crossfit box.
72€’s later and three bottles later, I’m really hoping to get something out of these.


  • Better recuperation
  • Better sleep

I’ve done 4 days straight of Crossfit this week and so far, the workouts have been amazing and what’s even better is that I’ve felt good about them even if they’re a bit scary at times.
Night and day one week to the next.

If I had a boyfriend, Thursday morning when I checked the WOD on my iPhone, he would of heard me saying, ”Please no running….”
Phew!!! 500m rowing… I can deal with that as i’m struggling to turn over, get up and walk to my bathroom because everything hurts.

Tuesday was: 
30 seconds on, 30 seconds off for 10 minutes each workout of: rowing, box jumps, ice skaters (can’t feel my ass since Tuesday) and line sprints. Didn’t keep count of how many reps but all I know is that this one made my butt fall off.

Wednesday consisted of: 
9 minutes as many reps as possible of:
1 squat clean, 1 burpee, 2 squat cleans, 2 burpees, 3 squat cleans, 3 burpees, and so on.
I got 7 rounds completed + 2 squat cleans with 55 lbs

Thurdays consisted of:
500m row under 2 minutes (le dead) + 3 rounds of: 30 sumo deadlift highpull (55lbs), 30 ring dips, 30 grasshoppers

Finished in 16 minutes 8 seconds.

Yesterday was fun because it’s 14.3 of the Crossfit Open and the workout was deadlifts and box jumps.

I started with the starting weight of 95lbs, added 15lb plates on the second and only 5 lb plates on the third.
I completed 3 rounds and 6 deadlifts of the 4th round to give a total of 96 reps.
Good News?  I actually don’t mind box jumps anymore.

I’ll be feeling loosey goosey all weekend but no workout to give the 30 year old body a rest.

Another aspect I want to work harder on is…  food.
Eat cleaner, good quality foods (which I do 90% of the time) but I need to not give in to that one piece of chocolate no matter how tiny the piece is.

Good fuel = Good workout

My friend Kari and I spoke about signing up for a 21 day Superhero Challenge from Miss Emily who was on MTV’s Real World, now turned into Crosffit/health goddess so we paid the 21$ (= 15€) and it starts on the 18th of March for 21 days.
THANK YOU KARI for doing this with me… 🙂

Will do the following for the next 21 days…

  • Eat clean
  • No alcohol (lawdddd help me…seriously this will be tough… especially )
  • Take supplements every night
  • No processed sugar
  • Crossfit – 3 or 4 WODs + 2 weightlifting WODs + 1 mobility… a week
  • 2 days off a week
  • Sleep 8 hours a night
  • 30 minutes/day foam/ball rolling
  • Work on stringing double under’s and improve squat form

Hoping to gain muscle, feel good and get some good workout’s in!

Have a great weekend! ☺

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