Blogs I Love….

Here’s a list of blogs (all ladies) I love and go to on a daily basis, excited to see if they’ve posted something.
Each are lovely writers and loved for different reasons.
However, these women have something in common, they’re inspiring, living a life that they want to live and so incredibly wonderful!

We are lucky in life to be able to read someone else’s life journey.
A constant non fiction novel you can’t put down.
Ever get that sad feeling when you’re on the last page of a good book?
You desperately want to keep reading and you go on for days/weeks/years wondering what happened afterwards.

I believe we can learn a great deal from others… and this is just one great way to be able to get a tiny glimpse of another persons life we wouldn’t necessarily be able to live.

Click on the blog name and it’ll bring you to their wonderful pages of laughter, heartbreak, wanderlust and inspiration.

  • Prete Moi Paris → American Living in Paris and her reviews make you want to visit all of Paris in a day.
    (Impossible to do in one day but her posts makes you want to discover this great city. She was the first blog I followed on WordPress and her comments always make me smile)
    I’ve read her blog from the beginning, it’s that good!
  • 1qtnewf → A personal friend who also is SO SO SO inspiring and her outlook on life is incredible.
    She also has the best laugh, her hair is perfection and eyes? Stunning. But its the inside that I love about Jenn.
    I ♥ you!!
  • One-Twenty-Five → Canadian who has climbed to Mount Everest Base Camp (on my bucket list), runs marathons, traveled the world, lived in Oz and who i’ve been following for over 4 years.
    She inspired me to get my arse moving and in total have lost over 45 lbs… yes, still between that darn 40 and 50 lbs but slowly chipping away at it. (Want to read her story from the beginning? Click here)
  • Sexpat in the City → As mentioned in my Previous Post... Simply awesome and can read her blog all day, errr day.
  • Fashion by Mayhem → GAH! Just found this blog this morning and i’m already in love. This little girl has some MAJOR TALENT!!!
  • Adventurous Life For Me → Seattle woman moved to Oz around the same time I moved to France.
    We were in the same boat and she JUST GOT A JOB!!! 🙂 Congrats Darcy!!!
  • 2 Years to life → Another fellow Canadian from Ottawa who I used to work with now living abroad…. in London.
    Her dating stories and life in London are fun to read and hilarious.
  • Far From Home, Near to Here → Insanely jealous of all her travelling and love reading where she goes. Outlook on life is very similar to mine and very insightful.
  • Back Pack Kat → Last but definitely not least….  She hasn’t written in a while but her travel stories are magical, scary at times and this lady is just simply stunning inside and out. I’ve never met her but we’re twitter/facebook friends and I think eventually the stars will align and we will be able to enjoy a glass of wine and gossip about life, love and travel.
    PS- When are you visiting?

Thank you ladies for your wonderful stores and inspiring me daily to believe that as a woman, I can do anything and everything I want in life.

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