10 days


It’s been an insane past ten days and I can’t even begin to explain but here goes… (Bullets obviously)

• One plane to Madrid, two 2 hour train rides to Seville, 6 hour train ride to Provence and a final 3 hour train ride back to Paris… all in 7 days .

• Spent 4.5 days in Madrid for work and every day, it was work until 8PM, dinner at 9PM and not in bed before 12PM-1AM with a wake up alarms of 6:30AM.
Instructions: Rinse, repeat.

• The amazing dinners were to die for.
In Madrid? Go to Ten Con Ten!
Great restaurant at the back, bar/bistro at the front… complete opposite of the mullet… (business in the front, party in the back) but it is FANTASTIC! The food, the people, the vibe, etc, etc, etc.

• The way of life in Spain is so “décaler” as we say in France.
Lunch at 2, dinner at 10-11PM, late bedtimes and late wake ups.
But no rest for the wicked, work folk.

• The history in Europe still gets to me. To the point of me wanting to know who lived there, who walked up the Cathedral steps, who saw things that we can’t even begin to imagine… The list goes on and on… It consumes my thoughts & feelings and I hope in another life, all my wonders will be answered.
Kind of like a very long long movie… with unlimited popcorn.


• Seville has an old ambiance to it and you can imagine Antonio Banderas walking on the streets pulling out his Zoro sword. Orange trees scatter the city, stores sell typical postcards (which I can’t seem to get enough of) and has just such an interesting look… and bulls everywhere. Not kidding. I was a kid in a candy store!
If you’re visiting? Old City Center of Seville…


• Madrid…. glows… the old white architectures with glowing lights from below… a roundabout with an amazing fountain of lions pulling a chariot… Takes my breath away every time. Very clean city and the people are so accommodating and helpful… Even with the language barrier.

Definitely will be a city I want to visit for a long weekend and just live the life of staying out late and sleeping in.

La Plaza de Cibeles

La Plaza de Cibeles
from: http://karinenmadrid.wordpress.com/


The Madrid Train station has a place in the center of the station that houses a ton of turtles (alive), ponds and an amazing green space. Pretty cool if you’re waiting around.

• Officially going to start Spanish classes soon and I can’t wait to add another language to my CV.
Spanish this year and Italian next year. 🙂

• We then headed to Provence for the weekend on a 6 hour train ride.
I highly recommend it as the scenery is simple but beautiful.

• Friday night was more wine, laughs, cheese and “charcuterie” and SLEEP!!! Beyond exhausted.

• Saturday was spent shopping and seeing family. Bought some trainers and I am in lllooooove.
Digging the grey pallet colours lately.
More wine and food.


• Canada Men’s hockey won gold on Sunday! We had a huge family dinner and I was going back and forth to watch and screaming everyone They scored!
Canada’s really shown what were made of during these Olympics.

• I came back to Paris on Monday by train, walked through the door, opened some belated birthday cards and a sweet valentine chocolate from my mum, hopped into bed and slept for a good 2 hours then spent the rest of the evening going through some boxes and clothes.

• Crossfit has taken a serious step back in the past 10 days and this really gets to me but I’m scheduled for Saturday, Sunday and once next week opens, i’m signing up for 5 days.
My dad and stepmom are back in Paris starting tomorrow until Saturday so evenings are booked already…

The Crossfit open starts on Thursday…. www.crossfitgames.com
and I couldn’t be more excited!!
This video gave me chills (worth watching it if you have 30 minutes to spare):

• Tonight?
Laundry. Laundry. Laundry.
I had nothing left and it was due.

• Am reminded everyday to stay humble. 🙂
Be humble!!


Mens Section:  I am convinced I’m doomed in that department.
Not sure if it’s because I’m WAY too picky or if it’s because I go for the wrong ones? If Im interested in someone, he ends up being a complete loser or just not interested, or within a week he’s in love and no…. Just no. (This happened a few months ago and I’m still scarred of my second French dating experience)
Dating here is WAY different than back home.
That’s a whole different post but this lady explains it well… Dating a la Francaise.
(I literally can read her blog over and over again. All the posts… numerous times. Not joking)
Click link, read and then start from the beginning.. You’re welcome!

Or I just know what I want and nothing seems to fit… With me, my life and what I want in life.
*SIGH* The search continues….

• I can’t find a man but I did, however, find the best shirt ever. My brother sent me the picture sometime last night, I got to work and ordered it. haha.


Obsessed with (at the moment):
– Beyoncé album (GAH! So good)
– Avocados (no news there)
– Crossfit t-shirts
– Snail Mail – some people better check their mail boxes in the next couple of weeks.

  • Last but not least…. REMINDER of my GIVE AWAY!!!
    Click HERE!! 

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