Rain Rain Go Away!!!

I walked out of work yesterday and almost blew over with the amount of wind… not to mention the pelting rain!

Once I saw everyone’s umbrellas doing the ‘let me show you what I can do in wind!!’, I didn’t bother to open mine.
You don’t see much of this going on…

But alot of this ↓


Instead I trudged through and counted down the steps into the calm of the metro…..
WRONG! It’s 5:30 PM, the metro is never calm at 5:30 PM.

I get out at Les Tuilleries and low and behold, it’s still raining!
Great! I get to Crossfit cold and can’t wait to start warming up.
We have 10K of rowing in groups of 3, max 250M’s each before switching.
Felt great!! but my hands? Not so much. Enter blisters and one on the verge of popping.

Leave Crossfit and yep, you guessed it… still raining!

Now I have to get some stamps for my Resident Card appointment because they don’t accept cash…
I think they still use the 1920’s method when applying….
I have my appointment soon so I walked through the busy Champs Elysées to get to a ‘Tabac’ and I see that they’re closed! WHAT??!?! They said 12AM on their site. Ugh! So I start walking home….

( I also JUST JUST missed George Clooney and Matt Damon on les Champs Elysées as they had the Paris opening of Monuments Men— BOO!!!! So I took a picture of the sign)


So I walked home, soaking wet, freezing… Hope into bed to warm up…

I wake up this morning and hear rain on my sky light and on the tin roof….


Rain Rain Go Away!!!

February sure is lovely in Paris! LOL!
But we’ve had a pretty good winter so far so I can’t complain too too much. 😉

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