First Official Give Away Contest

My ADreamToParis blog is having its first official giveaway and what better to give than the things I absolutely LOVE and use on a regular basis.​
Most items are for women/girls but if you’re a man?
Why not sign up for ​a few lovely gifts​ for your wife, girlfriend, daughter, friend, sister, mother, grandmother, niece, etc!​

Contest is open Worldwide and closes March 7th, 2014 at 6PM Paris Time.

Make sure to read Contest Details and Rules at the bottom.
Always read the fine print right?!
RIGHT!  😉  ​
(sorry the post is just in English but to translate? Copy and paste post in Google Translate)

Here are a few of my favourite things… 


*   Beauty   *
Dior Show Mascara 
 Dior show mascara
Best mascara I’ve ever tried.  I’ve tried TONS but I keep going back to this one.
Having really light colored lashes myself, this one does a good job on making your eyes stand out.
And BONUS! It’s not clumpy!
Have you ever noticed the feeling you get when you open a new mascara for the very first time?
I don’t know, maybe its just me?
But I love it!
* Scents *
Chocolate Shower Gel & Loofah from Sephora 
Choco + loofa
The chocolate shower gel is lightly scented like your favorite chocolate and ohhhhh so yummy!!!
Winner can change loofah color… check on site for available colors.
* Health *
Skipping Rope (Cable rope) 
jump rope
Health has been extremely important to me in the past 3 years and since starting Crossfit, I’ve realized that skipping rope is one of my favorite things.This skipping rope is designed with great flexibility resistant to abrasion thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU).
New innovative speed handles having metal pivoting shafts allow for durability and maximum rotations per second.
The cable is 10ft long and adjusted by simply cutting the cable to the desired length.
Did you know that jumping rope can burn up to four hundred calories every half hour?
It’s a strong and beautiful movement, at the same time, a movement for young and old.
* Fashion! * 
Dainty Lace Boot Socks – Ivory White – as seen below. 
Grace & Lace
I’ve fallen in love with high socks with boots (short, mid calf or high) and Grace & Lace offers SUCH cute socks!!
(as seen on Shark Tank) and if I could buy all the things on her site, I would!
* Ambiance * 
Mini Bougie from Diptyque Paris
Nothing like a good smelling candle while you’re quietly reading a book or watching a movie all cuddled up in a duvet blanket. 
Winner will have to choose between either: Baies, Jasmin, Roses or Freesia 
* Art * 
A small to medium size Parisian art piece (either Eiffel Tower or Arc de Triomphe) from Montmartre. 
Montmartre Art
I’ve always loved art and it’s been something very dear to me.
From drawing, to sketching, to painting… It calms me down completely.
So there you have it, a few of my favorite things and I hope that who ever wins the contest will appreciate them as well! 🙂 


  • Contest​: Open ​worldwide! Which means I will ship worldwide. (with tracking number)
  • End​s: March 7th 6PM SHARP! Paris time​

You can enter by doing step 1, 2, 3 or ALL of the following entries indicated below:

​If you do #1, your name will be entered once.

If you do #2,  your name will be entered a second time.

If you do #3, your name will be entered a third time.

Maximum 1 of each = 3 name entries total for contest.


1st Way to Enter

Follow this blog! 

​If you are not following this blog, follow by entering your email address on the right hand side of this page. 
Once you’ve done so, with the same email address you used to sign up, send me an email at with simply your FIRST name in the Subject line. ​(if you want to leave me a message, then by all means! 🙂 )
Reason? I don’t want to publish your email address if you’re the winner.

​​If you are already following this blog?
Email me at with your name.



2nd Way to Enter to add a second entry

Follow ADreamtoParis on Instagram!!!

I have my personal Instagram but you must be following this one below.
By clicking here –> ADreamToParis or by clicking on the Instagram Icon on the right hand side at the top of this page.


3rd Way to Enter to add a third entry 

Upload a Photo of a restaurant, store, monument, place, park, street in Paris you’d like to visit, see, experience, taste, touch on Instagram… 

You must tag @ADreamToParis in your photo and write the caption ”I’ve entered the #ADreamToParisContest at”

The Hashtag #ADreamToParis must be in your caption as mentioned above and @ADreamToParis must be tagged to equal an entry.
This is how I will keep track!

Also, if your settings are private, please accept my friend request so you can be eligible! 🙂
If not, I can’t see the photo!

Remember to upload your photo! 🙂


Reminder! Contest ends on March 7th 6PM SHARP! Paris time



  • Winner will be chosen by Random Number Generator. I will be creating a spreadsheet for all entries.
  • Winner will be announced on March 9th, 2014 at 6PM Paris time via email and/or via Instagram. 
  • For all of your entries to be eligible, step 1, 2 and/or 3 must still be active on contest Closing day…
    (IE: Still following this blog, following on Instagram or your photo must still be on your page)
  • I will check! 🙂 Hence the two full days between closing day and the Winners announcement day.

Fine Print:

I will leave 72​ hours until March 12th 6PM (Paris time) ​for the person to send me their mailing address as well as options on the gifts.
My email will include all the details I need.

At this time, if I have yet to receive the mailing address, I will choose another winner and announce… and so on.

​Good Luck & Thank you for following!!!!! 🙂 ​

Email me at if you have any questions.

 ** Any rude comments and/or emails will automatically disqualify the person. 

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