WOD du jour

For time.
150 ice skaters (side to side jumps like you’re skating, fairly easy, you’re usually on skates before 5 years old in Canada- haha!)
100 squats
50 cleans (kettle bell used since we were close to 25 people)
25 floor wipers (same kettle bell used)
1 minute of max burpees.

Time: 11:20 minutes

Grabbed a skipping rope afterwards to work on double unders and I finally got my first ones today!!! My arms were a welted mess but I was so so so happy!
I just want to jump rope ALL THE TIME! Now I just have to string them together. 😃

Another very cool thing happened and I’m so happy I was there to be a part of it…… All of us were finished the WOD except one person… was still ripping the cleans, then went to the floor wipers and we were all cheering on… Then came the damn burpees… (Burpees are just… Evil!)

So all 25 of us got down and did them with her until the minute was up.

Just shows you how awesome the Crossfit community is.

I have an 11AM WOD tomorrow so a good nights sleep is in order.

It’s amazing.


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