First Doctors Visit in France

Yesterday I had my first french doctors visit.
My work contract states that I have to have a doctors approval to work so I headed to my first official french doctors visit yesterday at 1:30 PM with previous medical records in hand and my glasses on (as indicated on the request).
I walked in and was told to see the lady behind a closed door, kind of like an administrative assistant so I opened the door, sat down across from her and she asked me a few questions, my date of hire, how many people I work with, date of birth, marital status (yep… still single).
EASY! I knew all the answers.
It was then time to test my eye sight.
I sit down, put my forehead to the strip and the machine with a blue button on the side starts talking to me… ”Press the button when you see the letter ‘Z’, press the button when you see the number 9” and so on.
It either was there or it wasn’t.
My eyes are pretty fantastic with my glasses on and I believe I got a shiny bright 100% You’re The BEST! sticker.
Took all of 10 minutes to complete.
I then sit down and wait for the doctor.
3 minutes later, she comes out and calls me into her office.
(Wow! I usually wait at least!! 15-30 minutes for my doctor in Canada, if not longer)
She seems nice, shorter hair, around mid 30’s, smiles which is a good sign right?
I sit down in front of her and we start discussing what type of work I do, if I ever had to travel for work, medical history, any problems? (No), she’s very sweet and not abrupt like I’ve read online.
Why do I even bother to Google this type of stuff?
She then advises me to go to the other side of the office as it’s time for tests, take everything off except underwear.
So I do. (No curtain, no white robe with the open back, all out in the open)
I sit down on the ‘medical table’ and she comes over, checks leg flexibility, heart rate, blood pressure (low… surprise surprise) and asks if I have any concerns (again.. a no).
Then she tells me I can get dressed.
That’s it?? Wow! That was quick!
Get dressed, sit down again and she tells me proper desk sitting etiquette (since I work in an office environment) and gives me a brochure.
She then tells me ‘I’ll see you in two years!’, sends me on my merry way with a paper saying that I am fit to work.
Quickest doctor’s visit ever!!!! ☺
Now, I wait for February 13th for my ‘resident card’ doctors visit and at that point, I can OFFICIALLY stay in France for the next 3 years!
Next step after that? 
1- Apply for my medical card
2- French Citizenship

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