Reebok Crossfit Louvre- Paris

The Basics.

What is Crossfit?

I’ve been wanting to sign up for Crossfit for a long time and never had the courage to do it.
Now I wonder why I didn’t sign up earlier!

I signed up (as previously mentioned in this post –> LINK) for 6 intro classes (called OnRamp) for 99€ and went 5 days straight last week, took the weekend off (recouperation) and had my final class last night.
You don’t need to go 5 days in a row. Go with what you’re comfortable with. 

I also signed up for 12 months at 120€/month.
(You equally have the option of 3 months at 150€/month)

I’ve previously worked out with a personal trainer in Canada for 8 months and went through the push-ups, sit ups, planks, deadlifts, back squat, front squat, lunges, assisted pull-ups but never got into the more complex lifts, which is why I signed up for the OnRamp classes.

And let’s face it, before last Monday, other than climbing stairs and walking fast, I haven’t done any other form of training since arriving in France.
Unless you count moving 3 huge suitcases a few times.

That being said, here’s a breakdown of my OnRamp classes as well as a few observations I’ve made.

(If you want an explanation of what some workouts are, here’s a good site with links to videos as well as explanations:

• First Class (Monday January 13th) •

For the first class we went over what is Crossfit and the building blocks of Crossfit to make you as successful as possible without injury.
Once this was over, we went over proper technique of these movements: pull-ups, push ups, sit ups with ab mat, squats.

At the end of each session, you have a mini WOD (workout of the day) to go through so Mondays….

Mini WOD was… 
12 minute AMRAP (As many reps/rounds as possible)
200m run
5 pull-ups (used a purple band)
10 push ups
15 sit ups with ab mat
20 squats

Results: 3 rounds and up to 9 push-ups.

Thoughts: Felt good for the first time working out in over 4 months but realized I’ve definitely taken a step back.

• Second Class (Tuesday January 14th) • 

Review: importance of proper nutrition, macro and micro nutrients.
Technique/Skill: dead lifts, shoulder press, front squat and burpee (devil in disguise)

Mini WOD 
3 rounds for time
5 deadlifts (55 lbs)
5 burpees

Results: 1 minute & 39 seconds

Thoughts: Hate burpees, 15 and I feel like I did 50!!! Need to work on cardio. Badly.

What’s a burpee?

• Third class (Wednesday January 15th) • 

Review:Technique vs Intensity
Technique/Skill: rowing posture, sumo deadlift high pull, push press and box jumps.

Mini WOD
3 rounds for time
10 sumo deadlift high pull with 10 kg kettle bell
10 push press with 15kg bar
10 box jumps

Results: 4 minutes 46 seconds
(Finished first!! Woo woo)

Thoughts: Feeling like my breathing holds me back. Muscles can go on but my ‘out of breath so quickly’ holds me back.
Must learn to breathe properly.
Yoga perhaps?

What’s a box jump?

• Fourth Class (Thursday January 16th) •

Review: Previous class movements: squat, front squat, deadlift, sumo deadlift high pull, shoulder press, push press, push up, burpees, pull ups.

Technique/Skill: : push jerk (my favourite), thrusters, wall balls and medicine ball clean.

Mini WOD 
5 rounds of
30 seconds thrusters
30 seconds MB cleans

Results: Didn’t count the reps, focused on technique but I did probably between 55-60.

Thoughts: I’m going to be sore tomorrow. :-/

What’s a Med ball clean?

• Fifth class (Friday January 17th) • 
I am SO SORE!! My traps are sore to the point where I can barely touch them without cringing.

I almost didn’t show up to the 8PM session but I did.

Review: Mobility/recuperation methods and the importance of taking a ‘break’. 

Technique/Skill: jump rope, kettle bell swings, back squats and overhead squats.

Mini WOD 
7 minutes switch off with partner
30 seconds jump rope
30 seconds kettle bell (10kg)

Results: Again didn’t count.

Thoughts: Feeling 100% better and forgot how much I LOVE jumping rope.
Not out of breath which is surprising and were done already?!?! What?!?

So I grabbed the skipping rope and continue to jump rope for another 20 minutes after it’s over.

Another thought: So glad I’m taking the weekend off.
Monday is session 6 and last one before I get thrown into the lions den.
(You can sign up for WODS after you complete three classes but I rather go through all 6 and then ease into the real thing)

Saturday: Walked over 7km’s.

Sunday: Laundry, quick short walk & LOTS of sleep.

• Sixth class (Monday January 21st) •

Review: Discussed Crossfit going forward, rules of the box, how to reserve for a WOD, training frequency, etc.
Technique/Skill: Went over power snatch & power cleans.

The Mini WOD was the first one we did. 
So recap of my first one was:

12 minute AMRAP (As many reps/rounds as possible)
200m run
5 pull-ups (used a purple band)
10 push ups
15 sit ups with ab mat
20 squats

WOD1 Results: 3 rounds and up to 9 push-ups. 

WOD2 Results: 8 rounds and up to 8 push-ups!! 

One week and already a difference!!! Needless to say, I was pretty surprised and happy.

We then high-fived, got our diplomas and went outside in the mist for a photo.
(Hoping they post it on their Facebook page) 🙂

So that’s a recap of my Crossfit OnRamp experience!!
Got into work this morning and first thing I did was sign up for 5:30 PM WOD’s Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

I leave for Spain on Sunday so I’ll be buying a skipping rope after work today to bring with me.
Double unders!!! I’m coming for you!!

~ General overall thoughts of Crossfit  ~

• No matter what size you are, if you’re thinking about Crossfit?
SIGN UP!!! (again… see video above)
I’ve seen people of all shapes and sizes working out and it’s amazing to see encouragements coming from all levels.
The person who’s attending their first class, the ones who have been there for years, the coaches, even the ones waiting for the next class.

• Most coaches speak English at Crossfit Louvre or understand what you’re trying to say at the very least. 🙂

• Before every WOD (workout of the day) or OnRamp classes, the trainers write your name on a sticky so everyone you’re working out with as well the trainers can address you by name.
I find that pretty cool and it really makes you feel welcomed, you feel like part of a group and can encourage others by using their name which can make things easier in a WOD of over 15 people.
It’s also great for the ‘newbies’ who can feel a bit intimidated at first.

All coaches are very instructive.
You feel it when you’re going through the WOD that they know what they’re doing and talking about.
They’re very knowledgeable in the sport and if you ever have any questions, you never feel like you’re bothering them.
If you don’t feel comfortable doing something or feel pain in a certain exercise, they’ll offer you other options to do instead.

•  Every ‘exercise’ in Crossfit can be modified to your level of fitness.
Take push-ups for example: You can do them on your toes, on your knees or against a bench or a wall.

• Eating clean helps!
For the past 3 weeks I’ve been careful and I can already feel a HUGE difference (as I know it always does):

This no longer exists in what I eat:
– wheat or any grains
– bread and pasta
– dairy & cheese
– products with more than 3-4 ingredients and if there are 3-4 ingredients, I can pronounce them
– refined sugar

Fueling with:
– coconut oil, cinnamon, bit of stevia in my coffee
– avocados & boiled eggs
– omega 3 fish oil + vitamin D
– fruit (bananas, oranges, apples, etc)
– veggies (lettuce, sweet potatoes tomatoes, cucumbers, etc)
– organic meats (chicken, ground steak, etc)

• Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.
So important.

• Rest. Rest. Rest.
Give your body time to recouperate and mend itself.

• Eat before you’re hungry, drink before you’re thirsty and sleep before you’re tired.
This saying has always stuck with me.

• Even if workouts look terrifying, GO!
Everyone there is going through the same workout, just at different levels.
Everyone has a starting point right?

My personal rules towards every workout that I do: Go through the movements carefully and using good form (like I hope you would for any workout), smile even if everything is burning, push through but know your limits.

The body and mind are really both amazing amazing things.

Have a good week! ♥

4 thoughts on “Reebok Crossfit Louvre- Paris

  1. I don’t even remember how I came across your blog (which is great btw) but it’s crazy that we haven’t crossed paths at CF Louvre. I’m a actually assistant coach there, also Canadian, also moved here last year and have my own little blog. Crazy adventure you’ve had! Maybe I’ll see you around. 🙂 Have a nice weekend!

    • Hey! No way? Thats crazy!! I go mostly in the evenings and LOVE it! 🙂 Even though I havent gone in a week b/c of travels. Ill make sure to say Hi if I see you there! 🙂
      Have a good rest of your week!
      A bientot! x

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