You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream… C.S. Lewis

2014 Goals


// Travel somewhere at least once a month or every two months depending on cost \\
I have certain places i’d like to go visit – Visit Auschwitz/Birkenau (I’ve been reading about the Holocaust since I was 11-12), Barcelona, Spain – Greek Islands – Croatia (Thanks to Liz at One Twenty Five i’ve always wanted to go.. Summer 2014 here I come), Féria de Nimes with family – Italy – Versailles for a full two days – Stay in a little town in the UK for a weekend – visit old castles (so far i’ve only seen Tarascon Castle on this list)- Mont Saint-Michel and many many more.
Will try to keep track as I go along.

* Visit Paris*
On weekends I don’t travel, visit as much of Paris as I can and write something on it. 
Restaurants, historic places, museums, even if its just a walk in a Park or street, or a story about what I saw.

~ Work, Work, Work ~
I work for a lovely company and want to move up so I want to learn as much as possible and continue to grow with them.

€ Save, Save, Save €
I know travel and visiting takes money but I will plan those and be smart. If I can’t afford it right now, I won’t go. Simple. I bought a weekend card with SNCF which gives discounts, try to buy things on discount sites, bring lunch to work (have to stick to cold foods as there is no microwave), our cafeteria is expensive, 
For those living in France and more importantly Paris, things can be quite expensive, the shops have WAY too much cute stuff in them, hello Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, the Macaroons, the jewelry, the list goes on…. Lots of temptations but I have a plan and want to stick to it as much as I can. Spend wisely, treat myself once in a while but not buy things if I don’t absolutely need them. Visiting Paris on a budget can be tough but why not appreciate the small things for now? The views, the stone buildings, people watching…. last time I checked, walking and looking is free! And most of the times here, no matter where you go, you’re always destined to see something funny or sweet happen. 
Sad at times. But those moments make me realize just how lucky I am.

< Reebok Crossfit Louvre >
Need to build the courage to go. I’ve read their site as well as facebook page and they seem pretty awesome so once Im feeling a bit better (currently feeling all of the sinus/throat hurt), I’ll go talk to one of the trainers and sign up for their beginner classes. 
I weight trained with my trainer Laura for 8 months in Canada and saw amazing results but find that in France, not many gyms have the weights that we have in North America. 
* Insert Crossfit *
I can deadlift, squat, shoulder press (how I miss you) with an actual lifting bar with weights at the ends.
Looking forward to muscles and lose the Paris 10 I’ve gained thanks to Monsieur Baguette, Mademoiselle Champagne and Madame Dessert. 
I won’t concentrate so much on the scale as much as how I feel and take it slowly. I don’t want any injuries. I walk alot in Paris but don’t find it being enough at the moment. Missing the weights and the feeling I got afterwards.  
Will buy a scale this weekend just for tracking purposes of fat content and water %. 
Weight won’t be as important but I will track it.

♥ Whole/Bio/Organic/Gluten free products- Try to find a good organic/bio shop decently priced ♥
I found some Coconut Oil yesterday but in search of Grassfed Butter and clean ingredient decks… 
Anyone have suggestions?
I’m completely lost in France and since I’m used to certain things in Canada or them being easily found… I can’t seem to find or even know where to start to look for certain things. 
Will saunter over to check out the Bon Marche Grand Epicerie in the 7th arrondissement but I’ve read that it’s expensive but i’ll go check it out. Less sugar, more fiber, good fats and protein. 
I don’t mind paying a bit more if its good quality (typical Costco mentality.. hehe)

☼ Take more pictures ☼
I love photography and taking pictures but I’ve been lacking. Will charge up the Sony for the special occasions and try to buy a smaller camera to take with me on regular days. Buying a camera also means buying a laptop which means getting WIFI so this may have to wait a while. Ill stick to my iPhone which I happen to take decent pictures with… but then again with Instagram and its filters, everyone seems to be photographers. 🙂

What are some of your goals? 

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