2013…. You’ve been great…. 🙂

*|* rang in 2013 with champagne *|* celebrated my 29th bday… with champagne *|* have an obsession with fine champagne… Moët, Veuve, Roederer is currently my fave *|* trained with a trainer for 8 months who is a new friend, 90lbs bench, 145lbs deadlift and don’t remember my max squat but it was lovely… beed to get back to heavy lifting *|* a day snowboarding with my brother and niece for the first time in years *|* went from having hair down the middle of my back to maximum 3 inches. best decision. *|* have two new nephews Benjamin March baby and Julien December baby.. Love then both so much *|* spent a week with my four brothers and had so much fun with them *|* shot my first riffle *|* Serge Lama concert with my dad in Montreal *|* dinners made by me for my best girlfriends *|* have a love that runs deep for Michael Kors- eyeing a new bag and pants during the January sales to add to my collection – currently at 8 pieces *|* !!!!!MOVED TO PARIS FRANCE!!!!indefinitely *|* with three suitcases, a carry on and an umbrella *|* left good friends (ie: my girls) who I miss and family who I miss even more… I can’t put into words *|* spent time with my family in southern France *|* moved into a studio not 5 minutes away from l’Arc de Triomphe *|* going on 6 years working for the best company *|* learnt new things about myself *|* have a hope that I make my parents proud *|* Most of all I’ve gained an independence I never though I could possess or want.
I can honestly say that I do not need someone to determine my happiness and on those rough days, I dig deep and remember good moments or things that make me laugh… when I ask my dad to sing a song that I love (mostly the stupid ones) and wait in anticipation that he’ll start singing it, my brothers stupid jokes, or simply write an email to my mum and stepmum and let them know what’s going on.
I love that I don’t need a man or a ‘thing’ to fill a void… I’m content being alone and even though sometimes I’m lonely I now know things happen for a reason and even if they don’t make sense now, they will eventually. 🙂

Wonder what 2014 will bring… 2013 has been difficult but even more fantastic than ever expected.
I don’t want to jinx things but I hope for new and exciting adventures of love, travel and memories.

And focus on working out (ie: lifting heavy objects and eating clean… Bit hard to do in the Country of good wine, macaroons and baguettes but I’ll figure it out.

Happy New Year and hope you have a wonderful 2014!!


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    • ohhhh i love this!! i was going to check them out off your post before but completely FORGOT!!! thank you! and yes, meet-up soon Miss. 🙂

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