Friday Thoughts


  • I’ve had 3 cups of ginger tea. I bought a cute teapot earlier this week, brought my tea from Canada in to work this morning and can finally have some.
    I’ve tried different types of ginger teas in the last 6 years and none compare to this one. A mix of sweet & zesty ginger.
    If you’re ever in the Ottawa area, go visit Cha Yi in the Hull area right across the bridge.
  • The men in France are…. polite. Opening doors, saying ‘Bonjour’ & ‘Bonne Journée’, going out of their way to let you walk into and out of the elevator first, holding doors open for you… its just, well, nice!
    So different compared to walking behind someone, them knowing you are behind them and letting the door slam in your face… well.. ugh… THANKS! Not saying it happened all the time but lets just say, at my old office, this used to happen at least once or twice a week. And these are people I KNOW!  Gentlemen, THESE THINGS MAKE A DIFFERENCE and can help your level of ‘awesomeness’. Just saying. Be courteous and things will work in your favour! 🙂
  • Going to Free Mobile this weekend (or tonight) to see about an iPhone. No contract, etc.
  • By Monday I need to: 1-  Finish writing Christmas cards  2-  Send them. (hopefully they won’t be received in August)
  • Also heading to DISNEY on Sunday!!!! Meeting up with my cousin and her tiny family to visit! Can’t wait!!! Even just to walk around and see the kids excitement will be great.
  • There’s a Theatre of Edith Piaf that I really want to go see so here’s to hoping I can go! 🙂 I love her! and still haven’t seen La Vie en Rose with Marion Cotillard so that’s on my to-do list as well.
  • Smog… it’s been present over Paris all week and it’s a strange thing. I was wondering why my breathing was a bit off but then reading the news, it all started to make sense.
  • My english… is starting to fail!!!! Which is something I never thought would happen. Like take the sentence above… I typed ‘it all started to made sense.” Happens all the time now. Not complaining as Im happy my french is getting much much better. Especially typing. I wrote a letter to the Consulate of Toronto the other day asking where my application for my citizenship was *LONG STORY.. but short is that we have no clue where my file is… it’s somewhere in either Ottawa or Toronto, sent to them by France* and felt confident in my writing which rarely happens.So that’s pretty much it for this week.
    Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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