Email Update…

Little email I sent to my old work team in Canada the other day. 🙂 Figured i’d share with those not on my distro list.
I figured i’d give you an update of life in France.. i’ve been here 6 weeks and haven’t sent an email even though I miss you all… and I figured its time.
Work is good. We work at La Défense and its all businesses and a university.
Theres a mall about a 10 minute walk across the main area (dddddannngerous) and today is the first day of Le Marché de Noël de La Défense, where they have a bunch of little cabins set up to sell different things for winter/christmas/etc…………….. and APPARENTLY!!!! There’s poutine!!!!
So I think we may take a walk one lunch on the hunt for a true Canadian poutine.
(to be honest, i dont eat poutine but I may just this one time… 🙂 )
Inline image 6
I’m finally all moved in, just have a few things to get for the studio but otherwise settled and content.
I’m on the 6th floor (top floor), facing the courtyard, had to buy my first fridge, my shower is bigger than the elevator (true story), living area/studio is decently priced for Paris (I have 32 square meters all to myself for about 1000€/month, I will never complain about housing costs in Canada ever again!!!!) and the kitchen is small but I dont need a very large kitchen to begin with so all in all, its pretty nice to have a place to call my own.
Inline image 1
Inline image 1
My studio is right smack in the middle of the best arrondissement in Paris (8th) so I feel safe 99.99% of the time, even at 10 PM at night…
But there are still some questionable characters (like in every country)… I crossed some ladies who looked like they stepped out of the beginning of Pretty Woman Sunday evening… and yelling at each other at the top of their lungs… not sure what they were saying because I had music blaring in my ears but there was definitely some yelling. LoL!
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I live on the corner of a typical looking Parisian street…. old buildings all around (mine was built in 1900- spooky and interesting to think of its been through two World Wars), there’s the Paris Private Rugby Club down the street, a hotel where the valet men wear top hats and white gloves (pretty snazzy), a Dior perfumery as well as Art Center where they sell extremely extremely expensive pieces of clothing, purses (Céline… check it out on google…. $$$$$ EEK!) and gorgeous shoes Im sure i will never be able to afford…
3 small cafés are all a 30 second walk away from my front door.
I have a doorman who is SUPER nice and helpful, a post office not far away and a little grocery store across the street.
(which is extremely convenient when you dont have a car).
The Metro that I have to take to work is a 5 minute walk and right in front of l’Arc de Triomphe and les Champs Elysées.
I’ve somewhat mastered the Metro and can officially walk around and somewhat blend in with the Parisians… I definitely do not feel like a tourist until I pull out my phone to take a photo (which I do often)
I sometimes get asked directions and can 90% of the time send them on their merry way feeling confident I sent them in the right direction..
(oh lord… I HOPE!!!)
Inline image 2
Inline image 3
Inline image 2
The Eiffel tower is about a 10 minute walk (if you’re quick) and I can’t tell you how pretty it is…especially when it blinks every hour.
Definitely still a surreal feeling when you see it…
Inline image 3
I went to eat at a little café a few weekends ago and I forgot that they have a desert offered here in France called a Café Gourmand…so I ordered one.
It’s a desert with a sampling of a few things and you have the choice of a coffee/tea to go along with it.
Most places offer something different but usually consists of 3-4 little deserts… Its like a mini Christmas event when you order this because you truly don’t know what its going to include!!!
Will it be a macaron? a Creme Brulé? Chocolate truffles? Fancy parfait?
*** Definitely think its something every restaurant should offer!!
(I’ve only ordered it once since i’ve been here so no worries I havent gained 40 lbs…)
 Inline image 4
I’ve been going South to visit family every second weekend i’ve been here so I havent had much time to walk around Paris but im taking December as my ‘month to explore Paris’.
This weekend, definitely want to check out a Market in the 17th arrondissement to buy fresh fruit and vegetables (thank you to a fellow blogger ☺) and take a quick jog to the Eiffel tower.
Sightseeing while exercising will be on my to-do list this month.

Inline image 5
Even though my email is all rainbows and butterflies, ill spare you the details of how hard it was to find an apartment or get a cell phone contract (which i still dont have.. using a spare for now), how everything here is always SO COMPLICATED!!! (even for the smallest things.. im not kidding.. im surprised they dont have rules and regulations to go to the washroom… or how you call someone and you’re always talking to the wrong person.. sometimes being transferred 5 times), how sometimes my accent makes people wonder what planet im from (YES I AM SPEAKING FRENCH!!! ), how I dream of a sunny day (enjoy that vitamin D!!!) … and how worried I am of the taxes I have to pay next year.
But in the end, its a dream come true….  and all dreams eventually have some scary parts right? 🙂
Hope this has slightly warmed your hearts on a cold day…
it sure has done that to mine writing you all this little update. 🙂

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