Almost living in Paris



Just a few more things to do and I will be living in the 8th arrondissement by tomorrow evening……!!!!!!!
I’ve been waiting in my apartment for the electrician to show up since 7:30 AM this morning.
Sitting on the floor staying up to date on everything social media. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.
Electrician has until 12 to show up so I figured id make a long post to hopefully take a bit of my time. And yours. 🙂
Last night, I had my fridge delivered and having never ordered ANY big electronics (in Canada, 98% of apartments come with a fridge and stove), this is a big deal. This baby is all mine!!! What’s in it you ask? Well let me tell you.
Nothing… except for an orange and green ice tray but soon there will be a nice champagne bottle chilling waiting to be opened and enjoyed by yours truly for my first Paris apartment.
Talking about champagne, I bought 6 champagne glasses for 9.99€ yesterday as my first purchase. Priorities yes I know. But you don’t know just how much I love love love a good bottle of champagne.
I was falling asleep on two pillows on the floor and figured I may as well go take a walk for a coffee (a la vanille) so I sauntered over to Starbucks. (I know I know….With all these great cute cafés, what am I doing going to Starbucks.
To be honest? I just have no clue if these cafés offer coffees to go… And I don’t want to get the “are you crazy look” this morning.)
Back in the apartment with the sun shinning (I no longer take the sun for granted in Paris, it’s 90% always hidden these days… Sometimes I stand by a window if the sun is shinning and just stand there taking it in) and started putting things up in the apartment… My nephew Benjamin was the first, saw a video of him dancing this morning and must of watched it 10 times *BONJOUR Benjamin!!*, my dad’s drawing of a corrida and organized my bathroom drawer. Exciting stuff!
BUT!! tomorrow between 7 and 10, Ikea is delivering my furniture and I cccccan’t wait. Going with white and turquoise colour theme in the studio and bright colours in the bathroom.
Since I have to be at the apartment at 7 tomorrow, I’m going to take a taxi here with all my suitcases and will be able to sleep here for the first time tomorrow evening.

List of things I still need to buy:
• Little tool chest for all my handywoman skills
• Screws
• Scissors for… DAMN plastic PACKAGING!! that I swear the US pentagon puts together. Have you ever had a paper plastic cut on your hand from these? OUUUUUUCH!
Even worse than the thick file folders.
• Toaster
• Curtain for bathroom
• Lamp
• Towels
• Kitchen stuff. So much has to be bought. Starting from scratch again isn’t always a positive. The money you have to cough up is… So many €€€€’s!!! My poor bank account.

That’s all I can think of for now but I’m sure I’ll pick up a few things in the next couple of weeks.

Starting to settle into Paris living has been something I’ve been looking forward to so much and its finally happening! So happy!

Goals for 2014?! (Starting early)
• Pay off all debt. (I have a budget all set up and ready to go). Buy things if I absolutely absolutely need it.
Which is hard because I love nice & shiny things but I don’t always need them.
• Try not to freak out with the amount of taxes one pays. Including TV tax?! Yep you have to pay a tv tax here if you have one. Which I may hold off as I don’t plan ok watching much tv.
May buy a small one to watch the occasional movie but it’s not a priority right now. (But champagne glasses are? haha… Geez, what is wrong with me….)
• Start running again and working out. There’s a gym not too far so I may go check it out. I lost almost 50 lbs in the last 3 years, not going to go back. Especially if I want to indulge in the occasional macaroons, cheese, baguette, pastry or gateau which are EVERYWHERE!

That being said, I’m so anxious & excited for 2014 and what it’ll bring.
I don’t know what yet but I can’t wait to find out!!! 🙂

Well my bum is officially numb from sitting down so I need to get up and do something.

A bientot!

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