Un petit moment…





It’s been a while since I’ve posted and I’m not sure but I haven’t been in a writing mood as of late. Perhaps it’s the slump of having a hard time to find an apartment, trying to keep up with the influx of emails, FaceTime requests, text messages, Facebook messages, etc of how I’m doing, how are things, what’s new, or just trying to settle in to a new life which takes a lot out of a person.

So here’s a snapshot of what’s been going on.
• As you can tell by the photos above, I finally found an apartment and actually have the keys in my possession!
Correction: I have 4 keys and 2 swipes for the front door.
It’s been a hard go with this apartment search. I’ve looked at around 10-15 and not one got back to me except for one, I sent in all the documents, all ready to go for insurance and I got a call last Monday that the owner decided to rent to a “family” member. Insert string of swear words.
Then as I went to plan B and sent in what we needed to the lawyers to go to the next step, I got a call that my “dossier” was approved for the 1st apartment that I saw the week I got here. Holy can we say delayed?! But I jumped on it.
Great location, 5 minute walk to l’Arc de Triomphe and les Champs Élysées, just over 1000€ a month (I will never complain about apartment prices ever again), 8th arrondissement, a 15 minute metro ride to work, 31 whole square meters (31.2 to be exact) to myself, cute, clean and sunny.
Only thing? It’s missing a stove and refrigerator. (The French tend to move their kitchens as well as furniture).
So I ordered 800€ of furniture from Ikea today and tomorrow will go on a search for stove/refrigerator to be delivered.
That all being said, I’m so so happy I finally found something.

• I’ve gone to visit family twice now in the South of France and I had so much fun with the girls. Can’t wait to see them again. (Cousins who are like sisters to me as well as a new friend Agnes)

• I miss my family back home and friends.
I actually looked at flights online yesterday. Just to see how much they were. Sigh. Not expensive but I don’t have any time off until April or July. I haven’t decided yet but I think I’ll wait until July. (Then I’ll have accrued more with work )

• Stomach bug. All week. Not sure what’s going on but I finally caved and went to the Para Pharmacie today. Hope it helps.

• Currently under a warm duvet as I type.

• Stromae- the singer. Incredible. Check him out.

• Feeling more and more like I fit in. I’m not a lost Canadian in the metro anymore standing in front of a sign looking like it came from Mars. I can actually tell you how to use it. With the help of my trusted RATP app on ze iPhone.
TTtttthank yyyyyyyou llllawd for this great invention!!!

• Men with beards in suits with blue eyes aren’t just good looking. They are really really good looking.
Can’t we just order men like we can press a letter and number and a candy pops out the bottom? Would be so much easier. Not saying that I treat men like candy but….

~ I desperately need a female friend up here to do things with… Girl things and talk. I have the ladies in the south but need one in the north.
If I click my heels three times…

~ Winter is coming.
I wore mittens today.
‘Nuff said.
(I’m not complaining!!!… it’s soon going to be minus faffillion degrees back home so definitely not complaining)

• Vente-privée.fr –> Addicted!!!
Site where things are on sale for short amount of time with limited quantities.
The trips are insane, Little Marcel had a watch sale last week and DVF dresses. Nothing purchased yet.
Adult priorities. See bullet number 1.

• A couple weeks and my baby nephew or niece will be born. And I can’t WAIT!!
Even if I’m not there, I’ll be there. If ya know what I mean.

• Talking about babies. My nephew Benny is THE MOST ADORABLE baby. I wake up and look at his mamas Instagram photos.
Every. Morning.
Not joking.

• Which then makes me miss my brother, then my other brother, then the one after him and then the one after that one and then…. I’m just kidding. I only have 4.

• France has taken undergarments to the next level. So pretty.

All in all it’s been a stressful, happy, surreal, I’ve shed a couple tears, incredible, busy last few weeks and I guess it’s safe to say that the bullets are over for today until next time… but I promise the next time won’t take as long. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Un petit moment…

  1. Girl! Proud of you for staying tough on the apartment hunt! Looks like you got a great little place. Congraaaats! And I’d totally ask you if you wanted to go out for tea or coffee, but am flu-ish myself so I’ll wait till I’m less contagious.
    Also, I’m addicted to the website West Wing for home decor, do you want me to invite you to it?

    • Yes, yes yes to the decor site! 🙂

      Et certainement!! pour le petit café ou thé quand on sera un peu moins contagieuse. 😉

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