Choco “Late”


Had my first piece of French chocolate in Paris today after work almost not making my train.
(It was actually Belgian chocolate but who’s checking)
A lady from a chocolate store handed it to me (she must of known it’s shark week) and I took it looking at her with a “HOW DID YOU KNOW I NEEDED THIS?!” look, smiled and gave her a huge thank you.

My first “work week” was awesome.
(ie: 2 day work week since I started yesterday)
Definitely not what I’m used to but very different pace and it’s nice to breathe a bit.
And the people I work with?
Are simply incredible.
I can’t thank them enough or making me feel a part of the team and even their family.
I’m so alone in this city but I’m not lonely.

To cap this off, here are a few things I’ve noticed and experienced in Paris so far.

– People are nice. Definitely are some rude apples but all in all? They’re helpful and if you kill them with kindness and they’re still rude to you? Thank up above you don’t have to live with them and move on.
Contrary to what some say, “the Parisians are rude!!!”, it’s not true.

– They aren’t in a hurry that’s for sure.
Everything takes forever. We joke about it in the office because we’re all Canadian and we are certainly used to people getting things off their plates quickly but there’s always a way to get things done.
Sometimes it just takes a little bit longer.

– So far, I’ve asked two people for help on train/metro directions.
One was VERY NICE and helpful, the other looked at me like I was from Pluto and had 5 tentacles coming out of my ear.
Repeat after me: “I don’t have to live with this dude.”

– TMI:::: Took me 10 minutes to find lady essentials in a Monoprix.

Right by the birthday and anniversary cards.

Thank you for reminding me I’m single & going to spend my birthday alone.

(Until a few weeks later… 30 here I come!!!!) 🙂

– It’s my first weekend in Paris so tomorrow I’m going to be a responsible adult, deposit some dollar$ Euro$ in the bank and then head over to spend time with my *insert French accent* new boyfrriiiiend, Monsieur Eiffel.

– Currently waiting for an answer on an apartment.
Always thinking if it’s meant to be it’s meant to be.
But I really hope I find something soon.

– The men here know good shoes.
Plain & simple.

– On a few occasions, my Navigo card (all access pass for the month for the metro, train and bus) declines me passing the little gates. My heart goes into instant “BUT I NEED TO GET TO THE OTHER SIDE!!” panic mode so I step back, take a breath, try it again and cross my fingers that when I swipe it, it works. And it does.

– I put my things in the same pocket in my purse every time so I don’t lose things.
Ie: my cellphone.
There’s one friend who knows me and knows I lose my cellphone everywhere so now?
Dear Miss Homefry?!
I’m doing SO good!!!
You’d be proud.
{knock on wood}

– Talking of friends…. Seeing French women having a glass of wine with their boyfriends or more so, their girlfriends gives me a pang of wishful thinking right smack dab in the middle of my heart.
I don’t have any of mine here and that’s super hard but it gives me a good feeling that hopefully soon some can come over to have one and we can chit chat the night away. I hope!

Anyways, that’s all for now.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.

Bonspiels! <—- iPhone autocorrect for Bonsoir! on an English keyboard.

The heck?
(Didn’t want to erase it. Too good. Haha.)

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