A day off.

Obsessing over
• Trying to find an apartment. Have a few viewings this week. Crossing fingers.

• nothing at the moment!

• My first train/metro ride into Paris for the first time by myself. Eeeek! I’m kind of terrified of getting on the wrong metro and getting lost. THANK GOD FOR IPHONES!
I just looked outside and it’s raining so I guess I’m wearing my rubberboots.

Working on
• Not being too stressed finding an apartment. Ok I lied, I’m a little stressed but things will fall into place eventually.

Thinking about
• Where am I going to buy a bed when I move?!
• How I’m not meant to have days off with barely anything to do. I need to work and if not, be on vacation somewhere.

• Sequel to The Devil Wears Prada.

• Water. I think ive already lost 5 lbs from walking and not eating as much. But not sure how I feel about that as I haven’t hit the gym in a while and that bothers me. Once things have settled down, I’ll go hunting for a gym.

• That my phone would hurry up and charge so I can leave and go do something.

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