Today I’ve….

• Been wined and dined by Air Canada.
Had an awesome steak & scalloped potatoes (not as good as my dad’s though) with a glass of champagne, couldn’t eat breakfast and had orange juice instead.
Sans champagne.

• Watched Fast & Furious 6.
Jason Statham wwwhhaaat?!
I think they could make 10 of those movies and I’ll still watch all of them.

• Took a 90€ cab ride.

• Been up for the past 36 hours with two hours of sleep. I am beyond exhausted.

• Got my Navigo card (metro/train) for the month. I’m currently on the outskirts of Paris but going in tomorrow to check out an apartment.
Also need to get a few things (hair dryer, straightener), bank account and phone situation sorted.

• Saw a school bus (they look like greyhound buses here) back into a car. LoL! The heck?!
And when I say back into a car? I mean back into it and keep backing it up.
(Ummmm it ounds like a dirty MTV video)

• Had a great pasta dish with the family
I’m staying with.

• saw the Eiffel Tower from a distance. Woah!!! Such a crazy sight.

• Enjoyed a couple glasses of red wine.

Now I’m in bed, I’m beyond delirious and need sleep. I’m not even sure this will all make sense.

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