Une petite note

Well I got to Montreal, survived the propeller, ran to my next flight & heard my name being called.
Get to the counter and I’m handed a new boarding pass.

Upgrade to First.
(Insert little happy sweaty dance)

Life feels so surreal right now I am so so close to tears.

I’ve struggled with the choice of making this “Facebook” ready due to it being so “out there” but I was speaking to my stepmum yesterday and she said “Its crazy to wonder where your life will be in 5 years, you should keep a journal of your days.”
And she’s right but do I want everyone reading my thoughts, my struggles, my moment of “holy crap I’m in Paris!!! it’s finally hit” me moment, the “oh I met a sexy Frenchman while my mouth was full of fois gras” rendez-vous, or just the simple words that may mean a lot to me but mean nothing to others.

But I think I’m going to do it. Be brave and bring the few people that want to live this experience with me for a wild ride.
I am 29, single, no where near having a baby, I don’t have a mortgage and some of those things have bothered me in the past but I truly feel that life is coming together and finally finally making a bit of sense.

I have great friends, a fabulous family and to those who have supported me though all of this….. I love…love…love love love you.

Cue my tears.

Alors, à bientot tout le monde.




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