I’ve fallen in love…

With a country called France.

A few reasons that made me fall deep…

  • The accents.
  • The way of living a life.  I’ve visited France 3 times in the past 5 years to visit family on average 2 weeks each time.
    I read a quote the other day from a friends Instagram that hit home.
    I think it explains something the French have understood and that most North Americans seem to forget. Myself included. Forgetting there is something beyond office/cubicle walls.

    photo 1

  • Les toros. An obsession. Don’t ask me why but I think they’re beautiful.
    photo 3
    photo 5
  • The dry hot heat of Provence where my family is from.
    photo 1

  • The never ending fields of lavender, the vineyards and the beaches of Grau du Roiphoto 2
  • The steady high pitched wails of the cicadas.
  • Le Get. (peppermint drink) YUM!
  • My lovely cousins. Both like sisters to me and I can’t wait to see them.
  • Love between the french seem to be so passionate, endearing and appreciative.
    I can’t wait for that. 😉
  • Old landmarks of Paris and Marseilles.
    photo 2
    photo 1

  • The cobblestone streets.
  • The women looking so chic…. with minimal effort.
    They’re shopping for leaks and it looks like they’ve just stepped out of a magazine.
  • Les fetes votives.
    photo 4

I am giddy with excitement to live in a new city and what better city than Paris?

Im sure there will be moments of overwhelming panic, home sickness, wanting to complain but I have to remember this was my dream and living this is something I must appreciate and hold dear to my heart no matter what.

photo 2

**Drawing courtesy of my 8 years old nephew.

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