Obsessing & Wishing

Obsessing over
• An apartment I’m in the midst of trying to rent in the 2e arrondissement.
Crossing fingers I hear some good news on Monday and everything goes to plan.
It’s so lovely, white, has big windows and a loft bed. With a ladder.
• My yummy smelling candles.
• Skinny gold rings.
• Fall boots.

• Having bigger expectations for certain people… Or should I say “un garçon”.
Should of known better. But elas, c’est la vie! I don’t understand but if this Paris experience has taught me something?
It’s that things happen for a reason and you may not know why now. But one day you will.
I now find making decisions fascinating. Go with your gut.
If you would of told me 5 years ago that I would be living my dream of going to Paris to live my life… I would of laughed in your face and told you that you need your was examined. But here I am.
Fascinating away. Everyday. And not taking one minute for granted.
• Also regretting wearing my Crossit nanos on my 5k run this morning.
My right foot is killing me. Merde!

• Dinner. Dad made soup! Enough said.
I love the fall season.
• The phone call telling me my Marc Jacobs glasses are in. So in love with them. (I already have a pair as well as sunglasses by him and they are fantastic, durable and seeeexy)

Working on
• Figuring out where to start and what I need to get before leaving.
* Contacts, Hunter boots, leather boots, flats and a black stiletto and a gift for my sister in laws baby shower. Ummmm…. Just realized I may have a shoe problem.

Thinking about
• Only having 15 more days to do things and that’s a bit overwhelming.
Thinking about family and how much I’m going to miss them. Any thought can set me off into tearing up so I try not to think about it too much.

• Nothing at the moment.

• De l’eau

• That all of this is going to enrich my life as well as others and that there is a purpose behind it. I truly think it does. But I just don’t know about it yet. 😉

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