Un peu ici et la

Random Thoughts

• My room and closet.
Currently have 3 huge suitcases to pack, switched a few things from one suitcase to another and put some things in a tote.
I’m going to have some things shipped at a later date when I have my apartment.

• Wonder what the men will be like in Paris. Ready for a change. 🙂
Sorry Canada. You haven’t been that fun in the past 2 years. I’m not even going to think about aucun garçon du Canada when I land.

• Can’t wait for the fashion, the high end stores & eventually buying a few special pieces to add to my wardrobe. Thinking Tom Ford would be my first, a nice Hermes or Burberry scarf, ahhhhh, I can’t wait .

• I have two full weekends left. Mindblown!

• I’m thinking of renting in the 2nd arrondissement or the 16th.
Crossfit Paris is by the 2nd, it’s right smack in the middle and 25 minutes from work.
I love the 16ths location though.
Any thoughts? Or recommendations?

• I’ve been having dreams lately that are all over the place. Last night, think Dances with Wolves/Pulp Fiction, night before The Notebook/Nightmare on Elm Street. It’s just so strange.

• I really can’t wait to get there and have a new story I can tell my future people.
“I moved from Manitoba to Ottawa once for a few months shy of 6 years.”
“Mum moved from Ottawa to Paris when she was 29 which is why I have a funny accent and Dads a crazy Frenchman.” (or Englishman or Scotsman or Italian 😜)



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