This bottle will be consumed either on Friday or Monday.
No, I didn’t get my citizenship BUT for the time being?
A long term working visa! for the company that I work for in Canada.

It’s been 3 months in the making and the last 3 months has been packed with organizing, visiting family and getting ready for what could be a HUGE change.
I made the trip and ended up at the “Consulat Général de France” on Tuesday at 11:30 AM sharp! and I received confirmation Wednesday that my visa/passport are being sent out most probably Thursday (today).

Entry date to Paris is October 13th.
I am beyond excited, nervous, anxious and most of all……… So so happy!
You can’t wipe this smile off my face.

A dream finally coming true.
What are the chances?

Paris, here I come!!

Side note: I will work on my citizenship when I get confirmation through the mail and counting down the days to being French as well as Canadian.

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