One week, 2 days…

One week and 2 days since my request has been in Paris.

A request for French citizenship through your father or mother must consist the following documents and information.
This is what I sent in as I went through my fathers side of the family as he has all his papers (recent re-application). My mum is French also but no longer has her citizenship.

  • Application paper (downloadable online)
  • Color Copy of my Passport, License, Health Card
  • Proof of Address (bills, etc)
  • Long form birth certificate**
  • Color copy of my dads passport, identity card, military service papers, resident card
  • My parents marriage certificate**
  • Paternal Grandparents marriage certificates**
  • Paternal Great Grandparents marriage certificates**
  • Paternal Grandparents birth certificates**
  • Paternal Great Grandparents birth certificates**

** All certificates must be issues in the last 3 months of the date you submit the request.

Most families do not have originals of birth certificates/marriage certificates dating back to the 1800’s but France has a incredible system.
And as indicated above, the documents must be issued within 3 months.

If you know the date they were born/married and where, google the townhall of the city/town and send the request for the document with a pre-paid envelope or postage stamp.
They will then make a copy of the document and stamp it with the date and send it back to you.
Mine took on average 2-3 weeks MAX!

The request does not cost you anything, only thing you pay for is the pre-paid postage.
Fantastic system!

Give about 1 month for requests in Canada for your birth certificate and marriage certificates. I should of asked for mine sooner.

The file was then sent to Paris as indicated on the application document.
I sent mine with Canada Post Expresspost which provides you a tracking number and 3-4 business days delivery.
I sent on Wednesday and they received in Paris on Monday. My brother sent his Tuesday and they received Friday.

FYI- If any documents are missing from the request, they will send the complete file back to you for completion.

Now its the waiting game.

I called the Consulate of France in Toronto on Monday to see if they knew how long it would take for processing. She said it could take a while, couple of months but she wasn’t sure.

So…. stay tuned!

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